Powerful Team Management

Campaign Monitor grows effortlessly with you and your clients. We support unlimited teams and team sizes, each with flexible levels of permissions and full workflow control that makes it easy for companies of all shapes and sizes to collaborate on their email marketing.

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Collaboration made easy

Whether you're part of a team doing in-house marketing, work for multiple clients, or have clients that want to get their own hands dirty, our flexible team management has you covered.

There are no limits on the number of groups and people you can manage in your account, so as your team size and client base grows, we’re right there with you.

Set workflow and permissions

Allow some team members to create, but not send campaigns. Give a client access to only the reports on campaigns you've sent for them. Let a contractor design templates for a client. It's your call.

Privacy mode

Ever want to give someone account access, but not expose private information like your subscriber's email addresses, or even more sensitive data. Privacy mode is perfect for providing account access to contractors, third parties or team members that are on a need-to-know basis.

Secure account management

Our simple invite system makes it easy to add team members without ever exposing passwords, and you can revoke access with a single click. Keep private areas of your account safe and secure by only giving team members access to the areas that matter to their workflow.

We have a whole host of features built for agencies. See them all.

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