Denise Jacobs, on creativity, tiny habits and being your brilliance

At events and conferences, there are speakers who inform, inspire and delight. Then there’s Denise Jacobs, who can change your entire worldview. We interviewed the prolific Creativity Evangelist and communicator to find out how we can keep the ideas flowing and make the world better through collaboration and design.

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The essential email marketing checklist

Email marketing is one of the best tools to reach your customers and tell your story. But every marketer has experienced that dreaded feeling of hitting send and knowing instantaneously deep in your bones that something is not quite right.

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Creative burnout: How do you keep it at bay?

Keeping the good ideas ideas rolling in, day after day, can be hard as it is. Then there’s creative burnout. After experiencing it personally, I turned to both other creatives and the Campaign Monitor team for advice - here’s what I learned, and how you can stop it from stopping you.

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Create & Send Redesign: Your Feedback

Last month we announced a new design for creating and sending email campaigns. Following launch we received lots of positive comments on how clean and simple the new design was. As with all our releases though, nothing is ever final. For this one there were two main bits of feedback that kept popping up.

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10 web conferences to watch in 2014

We’ve collected our 10 favorite web design, development and maker events this year, so you can get planning. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills or make new friends in your web community, we hope that there’s a gathering in this list for you.

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