Tips on effective segmenting

As many of you know, Campaign Monitor makes it easy to create segments of subscribers within a larger subscriber list. This makes it much easier to target specific types of subscribers based on their demographics, preferences, etc.

While creating a segment is easy, choosing the right segments and executing on a good segmentation strategy is much more challenging. Stephanie Miller recently put together a whole swag of tips on the best approach to list segmentation, specifically focusing on capturing the right data during the initial subscribe process. Well worth a read if you’re currently segmenting, or looking for a good place to start.

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Gallery: A Better Tomorrow Newsletter

See the complete email designThis very cool looking monthly email newsletter sent by D¸sseldorf based A better tomorrow caught our eye recently.

The simple, clean design looks fantastic and also makes the email very easy to scan for the different t-shirt designs that might grab their readers attention.

Some of the text is image based, and might be a good candidate for Mark Wyner's CSS image replacement technique. That aside, we think this design certainly deserves a place in the gallery.

Designer:  Andre Gruenhoff  |  See the complete design

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New feature: Keep track of your unconfirmed subscribers

Screenshot showing unconfirmed subscribers option

If you're using double opt-in for your subscriber list (which we recommend), you've now got the option of seeing which subscribers have completed your subscribe form, but haven't actually clicked the verification link.

Unlike single opt in, double opt in requires your subscribers to validate their email address before being added to your subscriber list. When a new subscriber completes the subscribe form on a web site, an email is immediately sent to the supplied address containing a verification link. To complete their subscription, that person must click the verification link.

From today, you can quickly see if any potential subscribers have failed to take that final step and click their verification link. This is handy for spotting potential form entry errors like a mis-typed email address.

This feature also helps to identify any potential delivery issues with your confirmation email. We allow you guys to specify your own from name, from address and email content for the verification email. Make sure you always use valid from details and avoid potentially spammy words in your email content.

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Gallery: Tucson Downtown Alliance

See the complete email designToday we're featuring a great looking and cleverly built email newsletter from the master himself, Mark Wyner.

Designed for the Tucson Downtown Alliance, the email not only looks great, but it also includes a number of notable features under the hood. The table-less email is formatted completely via CSS and looks consistent in the majority of email clients. For those clients with poor CSS support it degrades gracefully to a simpler layout.

The benefit of this approach is a completely accessible email design that is more usable for those recipients with disabilities. For more details on creating these kinds of emails, check out Mark's article, which also includes a free template to get you started.

Designer:  Mark Wyner  |  See the complete design

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Big infrastructure upgrade on the way

We've been hard at work behind the scenes at Campaign Monitor the last few weeks. Our focus hasn't been on new features you'll see in the interface, but they're important nonetheless and we wanted to keep you all in the loop.

It's been an exciting few months for the Freshview team. We've rolled out our second product to complete our email newsletter toolkit for designers, plus we've continually improved Campaign Monitor based on loads of customer requests.

Back in May 2005 we announced the big move to a new data centre and a solid hardware upgrade to ensure everything kept purring along smoothly. Now, almost 18 months on, we're again making a number of key upgrades behind the scenes to keep the application super fast and ensure all your campaigns are delivered in a timely manner.

Here's a few of the updates we've been working on and will be moving to in the coming weeks.

  • The move to one of the world's premier tier-1 data centers. This means brand new hardware, improved scalability and some of the best support and server monitoring available.
  • Complete redundancy in every layer of the application to dramatically reduce the risk of any outages moving forward.
  • A big upgrade to our mail servers that will seriously improve delivery speeds.

As part of this upgrade, we'll be updating the IP's of our delivery servers, which will obviously have implications for those customers that have whitelisted these IP's or set up SPF or Sender ID records. We'll be giving you all plenty of notice on these changes and are always available to help out if you ever have any questions. We'll also ensure these IP's are added to our existing ISP whitelisting agreements, feedback loops, etc.

These upgrades will give us the breathing space we need for plenty of future growth and also give us the opportunity to work on some of the new features we've got planned for the months ahead that would have been inhibitive with our current setup. These are exciting times and we couldn't have got here without your support.

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Gallery: Walking on Water

See the complete email designWe instantly liked this great looking monthly newsletter sent by non-profit Walking on Water.

This is a great example of a completely CSS based email that looks fantastic in the majority of email environments and degrades gracefully in those environments with less CSS support, such as Gmail.

We loved the 2 equal column design approach and the large, high contrast title text makes the newsletter very easy to scan. Definitely one of our recent favorites.

Designer:  Drew Wilson  |  See the complete design

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