Making the most of your unsubscribes

Yesterday we highlighted some great tips for welcoming new subscribers to your list, so today we thought we’d look at the flipside. Stefan Pollard just put together some great suggestions for getting the most out of anyone leaving your subscriber list.

As you know, Campaign Monitor requires a single-click unsubscribe link to be included in every email you send. On top of this, we also let you set up a confirmation page to redirect the unsubscriber to, and this is where Stefan’s tips shine. He writes…

Instead of letting unsubscribers go with just a thank-you note, give them the opportunity to tell you why they’re leaving. You can use that information to sharpen the focus of your e-mail program, redo your template or send schedule, improve personalization, or find other ways to become more valuable to subscribers or customers.

We especially liked these 2 suggestions:

  1. Include a form giving that gives them an opportunity to let you know why they unsubscribed, such as no longer interested, was sent too frequently, etc.
  2. If you have other newsletters on different topics or sent less often, give them the opportunity to subscribe to them instead.

Out of any subscribers in your list, it’s the people who are leaving that can offer the best advice on what needs improving.

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Gallery: Stateline Adobe Users Group Newsletter

See the complete email designWe loved the look of this monthly email newsletter sent by the Stateline Adobe User Group.

The newsletter is loaded with useful content for their members, including product and book reviews, upcoming events and contents to win free software. We like the positioning and look and feel for the web version and unsubscribe links too. A nice touch.

The newsletter design is also very consistent with their existing site, which is especially important for any new subscribers receiving the email for the first time. Anything that can jog a recipient’s memory (such as the from name, the subject and the look and feel of the content) and remind them about giving you permission is a good thing.

Designer:  Zach Stepek  |  See the complete design

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9 steps to better welcome emails for new subscribers

Mark Brownlow recently put together 9 common sense suggestions on ways we can all improve our automated welcome emails we send to new subscribers. As Mark explains…

Somebody just felt interested and enthused enough about your products, services or publications to request regular emails from you. This is one of those precious marketing moments. You’ve got the prospect’s attention. You’ve got their interest. You’ve got their permission to send them email. And how do you communicate with them in this glorious, elusive moment?

Screenshot of the new welcome email textUnfortunately for many of us this is usually a pretty generic and boring confirmation email. Mark’s recommendations range from reminding them how often they’ll hear from you, giving an immediate feedback option and using conversational language. All great ideas.

We’ve just updated the suggested text for the welcome emails in Campaign Monitor that embrace most of Mark’s suggestions. There are a few in there that you’ll need to add yourself though, like reminding them of the benefits of subscribing and rewarding them with some kind of treat.

Check out the article and make the few simple changes to your welcome emails today.

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Gallery: Center for Houston’s Future Invitation

See the complete email designToday we’re highlighting a clean and simple email invitation sent by the Center for Houston’s Future.

This design looks great with or without images turned on and encourages a full viewing from any kind of preview pane.

A great example of a simple, effective email based invite.

Designer:  Danny Zevallos  |  See the complete design

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Free HTML email templates

We often get asked by new customers if we have any sample templates they can check out to get started. If you haven't noticed them in there, our new Resource Center now includes 30 free email templates. These designs cover everything from a simple announcement through to a more complex newsletter.

Screenshots of the sample templates included in the pack

Check out out free HTML email templates.

On top of the 30 HTML files, we've also included the original layered Photoshop files so you can tweak the design to your hearts content.

Each template has been tried and tested in 10 different email environments, including Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook, AOL 9, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, Mac Mail, Entourage and Eudora. If you end up making significant changes to the original templates though, we recommend re-testing just to be safe.

To ensure design consistency across most of the popular email environments, we went for a table based design. If you'd prefer an all CSS approach, we'd recommend Mark Wyner's free CSS template he generously provided in a previous article.

If you're looking for some further inspiration to get the creative juices flowing, our design gallery has now grown to almost 100 awesome examples of email design from some of the best known web designers on the planet.

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Gallery: Magnitude Monthly Newsletter

See the complete email designWe really dug this monthly email newsletter sent by UK based Magnitude.

The design is a great combination of promotional material such as featured projects and client testimonials, along with a range of other interesting content their readers might be interested in.

We especially loved the simple animated gif used to draw attention to the “send me to a friend” link at the bottom of the email. This is a nice example of using something subtle to grab the eyes without being over the top.

Designer:  Alex Willcocks  |  See the complete design

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“Hands-down the BEST email application on the market”

Campaign Monitor is hands-down the BEST email application on the market. I've used multiple email apps over the years, and nothing compares to the simplicity and ease of use that comes with CM. Nothing.

Hash, White African

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