Confirmation: your cover isn’t blown

Screenshot of the Subscriber Confirmation Page

As far as we're concerned, your clients never need to know you use Campaign Monitor to send their email campaigns. We never touch your email content, let you add your own confirmation pages and generally avoid mentioning like the plague.

There was however always one thing that bothered us - our generic confirmation pages. If you don't provide your customers with their own landing page for new subscribers, unsubscribers, etc, we provide generic pages as a fallback. Only problem is, these pages were referencing the server.

No more! From today, your generic landing pages will be referenced at your customized sub-domain. For example, your client ABC Widget's unsubscribe confirmation page will now sit at

If you guys can think of anything else we can tweak so we don't blow your cover, please let us know.

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“The best product I’ve seen in this market”

"I absolutely love Campaign Monitor. It's been a pleasure to use and really is the best product I've seen in this market... and I've worked with just about all of them."

Ben Webster, Conversant Studios

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Gallery: Digital Web Magazine Updates

See the complete email designThe master of CSS based emails has struck again, this time with the recently launched HTML version of Digital Web Magazine’s weekly newsletter.

Following the design principles he discussed in a recent article, Mark’s email design degrades gracefully in older email environments or those with poor CSS support.

Mark also utilized a clever approach to image replacement which meant that a great looking version of the email would be displayed even with images disabled. This one’s definitely worth a View Source or two.

Designer:  Mark Wyner  |  See the complete design

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Gallery: The Varietal

See the complete email designWe loved this email newsletter sent by San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplace recently. It does a great job of keeping their subscribers up to date on all the activities, promotions and upcoming events at the centre.

The design is consistent with the Ferry Building web site, is well written and overall looks great. The design team have also done well to avoid the use of images for any important content, and the email renders well even with images disabled.

Designer:  Jane Connors  |  See the complete design

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We’re a finalist for the 2006 Copernican Awards

Read the full announcement

Whoah! We just found out that we've been selected as finalists for Creative Good's 2006 Copernican Award. Here's what they're all about:

"The Copernican Awards are awarded annually to top companies and organizations that succeed by putting customers at the center of their 'business universe'."

It's an honour to be in the same company as the 16 other amazing finalists, such as Google, Threadless and It's been an amazing 18 months since we launched Campaign Monitor. We've made loads of friends around the world, helped almost 10,000 customers with their email marketing and even contributed to a book or two.

We're heading to New York in a couple of weeks for the awards dinner, and we look forward to catching up with plenty of you guys while we're over there.

You can check out more about the award here.

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“We couldn’t live without Campaign Monitor”

"I simply can't say enough good things about Campaign Monitor! It integrates perfectly into our design. We couldn't live without it."

Greg Galant, RadioTail CEO and Venture Voice host

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Gallery: This Week In Denver

See the complete email designI’ve heard of people moving city for a new job or for a change of pace, but this has to be the first time I’ve wanted to move somewhere because of an email newsletter.

This Week In Denver have been using Campaign Monitor to send their awesome weekly emails every Monday morning for the last 16 months, and they seem to be getting better each and every week.

The great looking newsletter gives a breakdown of everything cool and interesting happening in Denver in the upcoming week. This spans local art, music, cultural events and entertainment.

Now if I could only convince someone to start This Week In Sydney...

Designer:  Jason Grant  |  See the complete design

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