2010 Holiday Email Competition: A cozy Christmas choice!

We immediately warmed to the winning email announcement in this year’s design competition.

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$5 million without lifting a finger

As of December 2010, our resellers have earned more then $5 million in automatic mark-up profits from their clients.

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Getting our toque on for Blue Beanie Day 2010

If you love web standards as much as we do, then it’s time to get into Blue Beanie Day!

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The new Campaign Monitor office

Take a tour of the brand new office we moved into last month and hear our thoughts on private offices vs open plan, keeping things social and a new position we’ve just opened up.

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Vote for the panels you want to see at SXSW 2011

With SXSW 2010 still fresh in our memory, you wouldn’t believe that it’s time to vote for panels at what should be a bigger and brighter SXSW Interactive 2011. Our team have been given the official nod on three very exciting proposals, so now we need your support.

Each year, thousands of diverse ideas get submitted to the SXSW team. After the votes roll in, this selection of panels and presentations gets whittled down to a considerably smaller, sharper unit. While the panel team have the majority say over who sinks and who swims, your vote will keep us afloat!

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Designing the new Campaign Monitor iOS icons

One of my first icon projects for Campaign Monitor was to create a set of Apple iOS icons for our mobile web application. These are the icons that show up when you bookmark our mobile site to the ‘home screen’ on your Apple device. Now, with all of the iOS devices floating around out there, you can do things the easy way by creating one large icon which is then scaled down for that particular device, or you can do it properly by creating a pixel-perfect icon for each device. For the iPod Touch/iPhone 2.5/3G/3GS, the icon size is a miserly 57 pixels square. For the iPad, it’s 72 pixels square, and for the newer iPhone4, it’s a whopping 114 pixels square.

The challenge with iOS icons, or for that matter, any icon that will be used at multiple sizes, is that you need to come up with an idea that is memorable and interesting, whilst keeping things clear and concise enough that it is still recognisable at smaller sizes.

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Lets work together to kill the spill!

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you would have in some way been affected by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Whether its been through scenes of oil-covered wildlife on the TV news, or worse, living on, or near the Louisiana’s spoiled beaches, there’s no way of denying that the spill has touched us all. With no end in sight to this man-made catastrophe, its become our collective responsibility to protect its most innocent victims - the wildlife.

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We take ping pong seriously around these parts

Back in 2006, after growing Campaign Monitor from a side project to a sustainable business, we moved out of our tiny space at a local incubator into our first “real” office. This was our first time in a truly commercial space where you had to bring your own fit out. We kept it simple: a few desks (which were actually kitchen benches), comfy chairs and our first luxury item — a ping pong table.

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How our support team works from home (and stays sane)

Find out how Campaign Monitor’s support team works from locations around the world, learn our favourite tools and see if you are the right person to join the team.

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James and Stephen join the Campaign Monitor team

Meet the two newest people to join the Campaign Monitor team. James, in our QA team and Stephen in our customer support team.

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