Send more targeted campaigns by excluding lists and segments

It’s now possible to send more targeted campaigns, with the ability to easily exclude lists and subscribers from your recipients. Take a look at what you and your clients will see when you next create a new campaign - and get a hint or two as to what you can expect to find in your account in the weeks ahead.

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Our subscribe form builder gets an update

We’ve recently updated the “Grow your audience” pages in “Lists & Subscribers”, to make it easier for you to build custom subscribe forms for your sites and adjust what your subscribers see after sign-up, alongside some visual improvements. Take a sneak-peek at our updated subscribe form builder.

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Drop-down search, now available in accounts with many clients

If you’re one of our lucky customers with literally dozens of clients, you may have noticed the new search box that appears when you use the drop-down list in the header bar of your account. It’s a small tweak, but likely a highly useful one for those who regularly toggle from one client to the next.

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More control over your Preference Centers

Today we launched a simple, but highly requested update to your Subscriber Preference Centers making it easy to choose the order your fields should be displayed and setting important fields as required.

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Introducing Subscribe Pages

Hot on the heels of the new Subscribe Button, today I'm happy to announce another simple tool that makes it easy to grow your audience with Campaign Monitor. As of today, every list in your account now has its very own Subscribe Page, a simple, customizable page that lets anyone join your list - no coding required.

Subscribe Page
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A re-designed header, now in all accounts

Next week, Campaign Monitor accounts are getting a new look as we roll out a faster, cleaner and simpler-to-use header. Find out about the upcoming changes and see a preview, before your colleagues and clients do.

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Enlist gets a private label option and some big updates

Now, your clients can also turn their iPads into beautiful subscribe forms, using the new white-label version of our popular app, Enlist. Get both apps now, free-of-charge from the App Store.

Enlist goes private label
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OAuth 2 makes connecting your apps easier than ever

oAuthBig news on the Campaign Monitor API front today. We're very happy to announce that we've overhauled our API authentication to support OAuth 2. This means a much simpler experience for customers when connecting anything to their Campaign Monitor account, plus a lot more flexibility for developers. We've also updated all our client libraries to support it, making it as easy as possible to work with.

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Add email marketing to your app, the easy way

App developers are already embedding our service into theirs - if this sounds like something that cound benefit your users, read on to find out how you can get started, using our API.

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Client-level custom domains are live

While we've supported an account-wide custom domain for years now, the ability to set one on a per-client basis has been a popular request. Today we're happy to share that you can now set a different domain for each client in your account.

Client domains
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