Will Gmail’s new inbox affect open rates?

The push towards a more segmented mailbox has some senders worried, so we addressed the hard question - is the introduction of this new inbox the Gmailocalypse that it’s been made out to be? Find out how it works, view our examples and let us know what you think.

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Email marketing for Kickstarter campaigns

Looking to fast-track new backers into supporting your Kickstarter project? In this guest post, serial creative Andrew Spear tells us how he’s used email marketing to boost funding for his My Little Geek books and iPad app. Take a look at our other examples, too!

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A first look at iOS 7 Mail, for email designers

Does iOS 7 Mail mean big changes for email marketers? In this post, take a sneak-peek at Apple’s refreshed mobile client and find out what designers can expect as it rolls out on iPhones in the months ahead.

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8 lessons learnt from selling email marketing to clients

Making the big decisions in regards to email marketing client work is always a bit daunting. What kind of markup should you make? What goes into a good pitch? With these questions in mind and more, one of our customers has stepped up to share his experiences after successfully sending campaigns for over 4 years. Whether you’re already running a busy shop or just getting started, there’s a lot of sage advice here to get you thinking about how to sell email.

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What kind of email content gets the most clicks?

Are you sending out newsletters, but are unsure what kind of content you should feature to get your subscribers clicking through? Our friends at Bluewire Media ran a series of marketing experiments to determine what really drives engagement - read on for the results.

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SlyVinyl, on building a successful music community with RSS to Email

Keen to take your content marketing to the next level, but unsure if putting the resources into RSS to Email is worth your while? In this interview with Scott at SlyVinyl, we not only discuss tactics for getting a community to keep coming back for more, but reflect on real-world results.

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Yahoo! Mail listens to us, now comes with less quirks

Sure, it’s fashionable to beat up on webmail clients, like Gmail and Outlook.com. But when a major player like Yahoo! Mail makes good on past wrongs, we believe it’s worth celebrating. Plus, join in on our discussion - tell us which email client you’d like to see improve next!

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Will Mailbox change how your subscribers respond to their email?

Fresh from testing this new mobile email client for Gmail accounts, we look at how Mailbox will impact email designers and senders. Just as interesting is this iOS client’s emphasis on changing how email recipients read their email - will the ‘snoozing’ of email become commonplace?

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Should email be 99.9% typography, too?

Like the web, is email heading towards a text-only future? We look at the trend towards a more defensive approach to designing for the wide variety of displays, then ask for your opinion on where you think HTML email is heading today.

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Embedded image support in HTML email

You asked, so we re-visited support for embedded images in email newsletters, to find out which email clients support the use of data URIs (instead of regularly linking to an image). Is it an effective technique for tackling image blocking?

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