Update: Unsubscribe confirmation page improvement

Screenshot of the new unsubscribe confirmation page

We've just pushed a much requested improvement to our generic unsubscribe pages live. Whenever a recipient unsubscribes from one of your lists, the confirmation page now includes:

  • The email address that was removed.
  • A re-subscribe link so if the single-click unsubscribe link was clicked accidentally (it's amazing how many people click it to "see what happens"), the recipient can re-subscribe to the list with a single-click.

Of course, you can still use your own unsubscribe confirmation pages to keep the entire process transparent. If you're keen to implement your own version of the re-subscribe option, check out this tip and this method in our API.

Posted by David Greiner

1 Comment

  • Helene
    17th November

    It would be great to have the same thing on Mailbuild too!

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