Fixing invalid email addresses during the subscriber import process

Following last month's subscriber import makeover, there has been a lot of interest in returning the ability to fix invalid email addresses in the app when adding new subscribers to a list. We very quickly realised how important this was to our customers and have now given it a makeover, as well.

Mistakes happen. When you're collecting email addresses, say, through another app or a paper list, spaces and typos may not get caught until you try importing these details into a subscriber list in your account. So, immediately after you add new subscribers, you'll now find that any invalid addresses can be viewed and edited in place. Once fixed, addresses are marked as 'Updated' and automatically added to the list:

Updating an email address

This is certainly a sure sight better than going back and editing your .csv file, before trying to import it again.

Last month, we were keen to get the new subscriber import process into your hands as quickly as possible, then find out what you liked and what could be improved. As it played out, quite a few of you regularly fixed email addresses inline and saved a lot of time doing so. So, a big thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted and emailed us to request this - not only for your passionate responses, but for working with us as we brought this up to speed with the rest of our new subscriber import process.

Finally, if there's anything we can do to improve the subscriber import process, please let us know below or get in touch with us - we're listening and doing our best to get things just right.

Posted by Ros Hodgekiss


  • Julian Wellings
    21st November

    Thanks. Good to have this back :-)

  • Jop Berkhout
    21st November

    Yep, great to see that you’ve implemented this again.

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