Do fewer links mean more clicks?

Throughout our email design gallery, you’ll see lots of minimalist, web-like campaigns, with only a link or two throughout. However, does this aesthetic get the most clicks? Or in email, are more links, in fact, better?

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The essential email marketing checklist

Email marketing is one of the best tools to reach your customers and tell your story. But every marketer has experienced that dreaded feeling of hitting send and knowing instantaneously deep in your bones that something is not quite right.

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10 web conferences to watch in 2014

We’ve collected our 10 favorite web design, development and maker events this year, so you can get planning. Whether you’re looking to learn new skills or make new friends in your web community, we hope that there’s a gathering in this list for you.

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The ideal email frequency

Have you wondered how often is often enough to send email campaigns to your subscribers? In this post, we’ll show you how you can maximize unique open rates while keeping opt-outs to a minimum.

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8 Reasons Why BuzzFeed’s Emails Could Change Everything

It isn’t just non-stop cute animals and Olympic fails that make BuzzFeed an irresistible source of content, as awesome as they may be. Dan Oshinsky, BuzzFeed’s Newsletter Editor jumped on board to give us his summary of what gets their newsletters subscribed to, read and loved.

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Below the Fold, a podcast supporting and inspiring women in design

Are all design podcasts starting to sound the same? Find that stories from “rockstar” designers don’t quite address your day-to-day challenges as a designer? Introducing Below the Fold - a new podcast by Erin Anacker which seeks to restore the balance, by bringing fresh and topical stories from female designers to the fore. Listen in for their advice and experiences with managing creative block, making career changes and contributing to social good.

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Using Twitter Lead Generation Cards to build your email subscriber lists

For a novel and highly personal approach to collecting new signups for your newsletters, check out Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards. Read on for some real-world examples, as well as a guide to how you can quickly start using them with your own subscriber lists.

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Images not appearing in Gmail: What’s happening, and what senders can do

Have you been stumped by images intermittently disappearing in Gmail’s inbox? Here’s the latest on what we know and how you can combat image display issues in any inbox.

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The best email marketing campaigns of 2013

Our top 100 campaigns of 2013

We've compiled the top 100 campaigns of 2013 into a free eBook, alongside tips on design, content and marketing strategy. To see the year's most high-performing email campaigns, learn a new technique and get inspired, download the eBook now.

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10 favorite holiday emails from our customers

In this round-up, we’ve collected our 10 favorite holiday emails - all sent by our awesome customers. Get inspired by clever Christmas shopping campaigns, or learn a new technique or two for your next holiday party invite. We’ve linked to the original campaigns and provided our analysis, so you can give your last-minute mailouts everything you’ve got!

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