Introducing our new standalone CSS inliner

Have a project that requires sending via another email service, but still want to take advantage of Campaign Monitor’s CSS inlining tools? You can now run your code - including media queries and web fonts - through our new standalone inliner at - no account required!

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Our new button and background generators, taking the hard work out of HTML email

Would love to add bulletproof buttons and backgrounds to your email campaigns for the benefit of Outlook, but don’t want to write knots of VML and CSS? We’ve done the hard work for you with our new code generators.

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Using star ratings to collect feedback via email

Want to ask your customers how you’re doing? By including a quick star rating form in your email campaigns, you can quickly gather feedback in as few steps as possible for subscribers. Here’s a how-to and sample code that you can start using in your post-purchase autoresponders, or any old email send, for that matter.

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Helvetica’s skinny new look in iOS 7 Mail

Have your fonts suddenly lost weight when in Apple’s new iOS 7 email client? Here’s the lowdown on Mail defaulting to Helvetica Neue Light and a simple workaround.

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Win our guide to CSS support in email, now available as a limited edition poster

Our guide to CSS in email has received a huge overhaul and to celebrate, we're giving away 1,000 limited edition poster prints.

Update: The giveaway has now ended, thanks for your support!

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How to add a fixed-position CTA to your email newsletters

Keeping your call-to-action visible on a small screen generally means sacrificing content. However, with this simple technique contributed by two cool customers, you can ensure your CTA “sticks” to the top or bottom of the email message and never falls out of sight. Will you give it a go in your email campaigns?

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Using a “Plan B” to add on-the-fly corrections to your email campaigns

We make plans for when things go wrong - insurance policies on our homes, performing nightly backups of our data - so why shouldn’t there be a “Plan B” in place for the email newsletters that we send out? Thanks to one of our cool customers, we have a super-simple idea that may well save the day on your next campaign.

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A revised email font stack

Given the amazing variety of web fonts available, why are designers so shy to use them? We look at current web font support in email, show you how to pair both fonts and fallbacks, then ask the question - will you start using them in your email campaigns?

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Should we worry about Gmail’s new inbox?

If all the chatter surrounding Gmail’s new inbox has you second-guessing your campaign results, take heart - you’re not the only one. In this post, we take a look at how other senders are reacting to having their mail automatically categorized… And what should be done about it. Join in - we’d be keen to hear your take on Gmail, too!

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Get up to date on design and code with Modern HTML Email

Learn how to design modern HTML emails with this new guide, covering both the fundamentals of creating effective campaigns and cutting-edge tips and techniques. Published both digital and print versions, it’s both a handy and comprehensive resource for both beginner and old-timer senders alike. Here’s more on what you’ll find inside.

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