Get marked as a safe sender with our subscriber-friendly whitelist instructions

Getting your email to go straight to the inbox and them making it stand out often takes a bit of proactive work. However, with our up-to-date whitelisting instructions for the most popular email clients, you can now link your campaigns to a step-by-step guide on moving emails between Gmail’s tabs, getting added to address books and more.

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Can a single word make your subject line more effective?

Does including the word “free” in your subject lines have a positive or negative effect on opens? Or, is setting up expectations by using “daily”, “weekly” or “monthly” a good idea? We’ve summarized some recent research - and would love to hear your experiences, too!

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Support for HTML 5 elements in email

Curious about playing media in your subscribers’ inboxes, using HTML 5’s <canvas>, <audio> and <video> elements? We look at current support and conditions in the most popular email clients, so you can decide whether they’re ready for your email campaigns.

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CSS3 animation, SVG masks, web fonts and more in Panic’s newsletter

The latest newsletter from Panic is a veritable grab-bag of interesting techniques, many of which are commonly used on the web, but never in email. Here’s a detailed look at their design and the CSS used to make it happen - as well as the fallbacks used when not everything goes to plan. Why not try using some of these effects in your next campaign?

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Automatically convert sent campaigns into invoices with imera

If charging clients for email marketing is a time-consuming task for you and your business, Imera is here to help. As a billing app specifically for email marketers, it’s focused on making invoice creation easy - either within its interface, or via Freshbooks, Xero and Harvest.

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Instagram photos in email campaigns

Spicing up your email campaigns with Instagram photos isn’t a tricky task. Whether you just want to send your latest happy snaps to your subscribers on a regular basis, or selectively add images to your latest email newsletter, here’s a how to put this social media service to work for you.

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New guide: Reporting, Conversions and Email Campaigns

Struggling to make sense of your email statistics? Or would like to track what kind of impact your email campaigns have on your big-picture goals and ROI? In this new guide, we’ve aimed to demystify the marketing jargon, optimize your campaigns and show you how to measure how email has contributed to your online marketing efforts.

Reporting, Conversions and Email Campaigns

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8 lessons learnt from selling email marketing to clients

Making the big decisions in regards to email marketing client work is always a bit daunting. What kind of markup should you make? What goes into a good pitch? With these questions in mind and more, one of our customers has stepped up to share his experiences after successfully sending campaigns for over 4 years. Whether you’re already running a busy shop or just getting started, there’s a lot of sage advice here to get you thinking about how to sell email.

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Tip: Avoid using mailto links in HTML email

After discovering that mailto links trigger a rather unsettling “blocked content” message in, our recommendation to email designers is to stop using them altogether - read on for details.

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How to add a countdown timer to your email campaign

In this quick how-to, we look at adding a little urgency to your email campaigns with a countdown timer. Take a look at a few examples and try building one for yourself - it could be a great idea for your next event email!

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