How best to communicate your latest news then sending an email campaign as clean as this from MANOVERBOARD. There are some nice design touches from both Andrew & Daniel. The header graphic especially, which is a great play on words taking in the company name and also the purpose of the campaign.

As well as that stroke of magic, there are little things such as using dashes as the alt attribute for the image content dividers. The typography is clean and easy to scan and the consistency of design throughout gives this a pleasant read.

There are two non design points which I think would improve this campaign:

  • A much clearer unsubscribe link in the footer, the link colour is starting to lose it's contrast.
  • More detail on how exactly the subscribers gave their permission in the reminder at the very top.

And finally, who else got the song Message in a bottle stuck in their head when reading this?


  • laura
    9th December


  • Ritasaya
    20th December

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