Wild Thyme

Honeyweb took the plant illustrations from Wild Thyme's website and went to town, or, er…market. The geometric curves soften the hard edges of this table-based layout, which fits the organic theme. Earthy, but bright colors paired with cute illustrations makes this a happy design. For more cuteness, you can check out the Wild Thyme website.

It's not everyday that you get an email like this, so we have no doubt it will break through the clutter and stand out in most inboxes. Thanks to the clear permission reminder at the top left, Wild Thyme's subscribers shouldn't just find this to be a memorable design, but sure won't forget why they're on the mailing list in the first place.

Finally, if you're going to add a lot of copy to an email newsletter, it's important that you provide your readers a solid reason to read on. In this instance, Wild Thyme have thoughtfully filled their newsletter with a light opinion piece, and... A recipe for a very decadent-sounding raw chocolate mousse! Including relevant content like this isn't just a clever way of making people buy ingredients, but means that subscribers have good reason to pay attention to the newsletter, time and time again.

Overall, this is a stylish campaign that doesn't just bring Wild Thyme's produce to market beautifully, but offers a lot of value to readers while it's at it.

Designed by Honeyweb
Posted by Carissa Phillips


  • Steven Hamilton
    2nd February

    Thanks Carrisa, Glad you like this design :)

    Our new site is not far away so I’ll have all our latest designs displayed.

    Cheers :)
    Steven Hamilton

  • FranZz
    10th February

    Cool Style_


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