Sheen Media

This email newsletter from Sheen Media has a nice "cut and paste" feel to it. If the images are suppressed it looks like it was produced on a typewriter, which is quite the contrast to most email newsletters you see. I very much like this unique design approach, and the use of Courier as a font is not something you see everyday, but in this application, it's perfect.

Paired with bright, crisp photos, this is an unmissable email in the inbox, with lots to inspire and delight.


  • CoolMoeD
    4th March

    I can’t decide if it’s a really good idea or a really bad idea to make a big announcement from a company called “Sheen” this week.

  • santi
    4th March

    two and a half mails

  • DWH
    7th March

    These guys do design work for my company and are absolutely fantastic to deal with… they have even embraced the “Sheen” factor when they launched their website last week….

  • Phoe
    22nd August

    Nice idea, but breaks in outlook 2007 and 2010—has an extra pixel or two of left hand side border.

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