Each month, German agency mediaman sends out the Juggler newsletter, with the latest trends and research on social and digital marketing.

With black on white text and big, scannable headings in lovely Georgia italic, the email is optimized for readability. The single-column layout also makes it suitable for mobile reading.

Appropriately enough, each article has individual social sharing links.

We love that the elegant header is mostly text (the juggling gent aside), and the web version link is conveniently placed at the top left.

Designed by mediaman
Posted by Stig Morten Myre


  • Thomas
    26th June

    Nice. So minimalistic. I love Georgia italic, too.

  • Cindy
    10th July

    None can doubt the vertaicy of this article.

  • Rocky
    11th July

    What a joy to find such clear thninkig. Thanks for posting!

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