What we have here is a no-nonsense, but easy-on-the-eyes email announcement from Webfit, the team behind a particularly useful integration between Magento and Vend. Using some of their web-dev expertise, they’ve created an email that not only separates potentially heavy, technical content into readable chunks, but uses language that’s appropriate to both web developers and your tech-savvy store owner alike.

Despite the ample use of background images here, the email newsletter still displays nicely in Outlook and Gmail, or even with images off - after all, this is a mostly-text newsletter. The one-column layout also ensures that it’s easy to read on mobile devices.

That said, this announcement does come across as well, an announcement. I was expecting to see at least a call-to-action like, ‘For more details, get in touch with us’, or an invitation to reply. That would certainly make recipients feel like they have a say, as well as lighten up the tone. We’d also love the permission reminder in the footer to be more meaningful - something like, “You’re receiving this email because you signed up for Magento + Vend integration updates

on our site

” would be appropriate. We’ve featured a couple of tips for writing effective permission reminders on our blog.

Overall, this is an attractive design that could easily be adapted for use in our editor. The quality of work here reflects very kindly on the Webfit team - well done, folks!

Designed by Webfit
Posted by Ros Hodgekiss

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