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We’ve showcased a couple of web app promos in the last few months, however we have to say that this email announcement from Alertful for Business, by designers Email Spring is really up there amongst the clouds. While many designers (and clients) would have been quite content to borrow the basics from a company’s website and be done, it’s the addition of original pieces like the rocket ship and postage stamp illustrations that really propel this design sky-high in our estimation.

When we selected this design for the gallery, we weren’t simply distracted by good looks under equally good conditions. We were also impressed at how this email design had been optimized for a range of scenarios such as images off, or background images not displaying in email clients like Gmail and Outlook ‘07. In fact, the message here really makes no assumptions as to how it’s going to be viewed and even features a backup call-to-action text link, should the ‘Try for Free’ button not be visible. Important bits like this feature above-the-fold when the email is viewed in most desktop and web clients, as does a summary of core benefits.

Overall, Email Spring have skillfully executed a design that communicates their mastery of email as much as it promotes Alertful’s features. They’ve shot for the moon on this one and landed amongst the stars.

Designed by Email Spring
Posted by Ros Hodgekiss

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  • Demetre
    21st October

    really love the design elements in this HTML Email. Great job!

    I noticed the design has a box shadow effect on the white box where the main content is placed, I was wondering how you created this effect?

    Cheers, and good designing!


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