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At a time when everyone’s talking about ‘building relationships’ using email, it’s swell to see the good folks at Eleven Media creatively take this to heart. In their email newsletter, they’ve not only given their readers a gentle nudge to check our their work again, but challenged them to see how well they know their friendly, local designers. Personally, I thought I knew a little something about Aaron Rutley already, but it turns out that his many talents don’t include trumpet playing..!

Really, I encourage you to play the game and check out the nicely-crafted landing pages behind the ‘Aaron’ and ‘Blaz’ buttons. They’ve put so much love into this awareness campaign, that even if you’ve never given two hoots about a pair of likable Australian chaps, you’ll feel like best mates after playing this game.

That said, this campaign could benefit from the use of alt text on the images, although the game would be near-impossible to play with images turned off, anyway. With this in mind, they’ve provided a handy web version link at the top of the newsletter, so if things go south in the inbox, there’s the option of viewing it in the browser instead.

Overall, this is one of the more personality-filled emails we’ve seen recently. It goes to show that often the relationship that designers have with their clients can often be as much of a drawcard as the work they produce. Nice work, Aaron and Blaz!

PS: These are the guys behind Bogan Ipsum - if ya don’t use this for filler text, ya email’s as dry as a dead dingo’s donger!

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Posted by Ros Hodgekiss

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