Art of Nature

How about this fun email campaign to get the clicks coming in! It's very simple in it's design and somewhat heavy on the graphics, but it packs a punch.

This eye-catching design was created in-house by the South Australian Department of Environment and Natural Resources' Parks SA team. It does a great job of generating excitement in their 'Art of Nature' competition, even with images turned off in email clients. That said, we'd recommend featuring more text links to make it easier to click through in this scenario.

Finally, the footer image is using an image map to link through to the respective sponsors. Image maps aren't really recommended and splitting the images and linking individually may have been a better way to go.

All round, this is a wonderfully creative email design that goes to show that public-sector campaigns can well and truly break the stodgy stereotype. Stay green!

Designed by Parks SA
Posted by Greg Strutton

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