St. Theresa Catholic School

This invitation email for St. Theresa Catholic School by Fervor Creative knows what its job is, and does it well.  It’s simple use of three colours and subtle shades thereof, basic but effective imagery, plus short but informative content that makes this campaign a delight. The ample use of text ensures that most of the message can be read, even when images aren’t displaying in the inbox.

On that note, the only minor suggestion would be to have a text alternative for those buttons, to be sure they still have some context under these conditions. But overall, this is a great campaign that’s sure to captivate subscribers at any time of day or night.

Designed by Fervor Creative
Posted by Stig Morten Myre

1 Comment

  • Kenia
    11th May

    Carmen I love your work!  Good for you following your artsit’ dream!  I’ll check your site often to see your new works.  Take care,Wendy

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