This is a lovely, whimsical campaign from Analog Creative, announcing their migration from the UK to the US. The one-column design makes for easy-reading on mobile devices and really, how could you ignore this message in your inbox?

While the campaign is certainly image-heavy, the graphic elements are really classy and well-considered. I'm not too sure about the text placement, which seems a bit out of place in areas. Also, the unsubscribe link looks like a bit of an after-thought and is easy to miss at first glance. But overall, this is a fun and funky campaign - a flying penny farthing is always the mark of a winning design!

Designed by Analog Creative
Posted by Greg Strutton

1 Comment

  • Doug
    12th June

    Not too impressed with this one. I feel it’s much too image heavy. With the image blocking in many email clients, this won’t look too good.

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