During the holiday season, we thought we’d feature a couple of the lovely festive designs that have slid across our desk. Now, if you’ve been following this gallery, you may have noticed that we’re quite partial to the animated GIF, so this e-card from Suka, an NYC-based creative agency was near-irresistable. After they explained the love that went into it, we were sold:

Every year, we send a Thanksgiving card to our clients to express our gratitude and appreciation. It is also a way for us to stand out from the many holiday cards they receive in December. This year, we decided to send it electronically, so we could incorporate motion to tell a story and track the results. Each member of the Suka team was assigned a character from the word “THANKS!” which he/she was required to create using three-dimensional objects. The results were very unique and quite stunning. After an extensive but supremely fun (and at times silly) photo shoot, we used the shots to create an animated GIF.

Nicely done, Suka - may you and yours have a great holiday season ahead!

Designed by Suka
Posted by Ros Hodgekiss


  • Stephen Marsh
    18th December

    That’s awesome. The only thing that could have made it more awesome is if they’d got the backstory into the card itself - it’s so cute that each member of the team made their own letter.

  • Derek Taylor
    21st December

    Noice! How does it work with CMS and auto reponders? Import client lists from .xl?

  • Ros Hodgekiss
    7th January

    Stephen, that’s a great suggestion! I’d love to know the back stories, too :D

    Derek, I don’t think this campaign is a good fit for being sent as an autoresponder, but you certainly could do so. If you have any questions about setting up campaigns like this using our service, we’d be happy to help you :D

  • Wordpress Developer
    7th January

    Nicely done.
    Just wondering how it looks where gif animation isnt supported. Taking consideration that only the first frame of animation would be shown, it will only display the letter T isnt it.
    But the ones supporting the gif file it will look amazing.

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