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Easily personalize messages, asks, and ads based on what your members are doing and saying across the social web.

Description makes it easy to track what your Campaign Monitor subscribers are doing on social media with their super-intuitive UI and tools. Import your Campaign Monitor list and automatically uncover who the most influential members of your list are, as well as what they’ve been talking about. Interested in tracking certain keywords, and taking action as soon as someone has mentioned them? With, it’s easy to create custom searches for keywords and hashtags relevant to your industry and company, create segments out of them, and act on them. Use those segments and export them to Campaign Monitor or the CRM of your choice to make for some hyper targeted lists of engaged subscribers.

Not only does do a great job at making sure you have your finger on the pulse of your subscribers on social media, it also helps you to spot trends in your connection groups. Are there a lot of people talking about a nearby event in your area today? Maybe you should send an email out about it! Displayed in a clean user interface, you can use to view infographics about the reach of your users’ networks, who the most influential individuals are, as well as key knowledge about your own social media habits and how to increase your marketing effectiveness.

While you can interact from right within the interface to respond to your leads on Facebook, Twitter, or even send them a direct email, you can also export all of your contacts as a list directly to Campaign Monitor, just as you imported them. This means that there is little-to-no downtime between you learning these key insights and acting on them.

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