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Use your customer engagement data to identify your most valuable customers, predict behavior and drive repeat sales.


If you’re looking to make the most of your customer data, Canopy Labs is a good solution for both centralizing this information and making it actionable. After importing your existing customers into the app, each customer is given a profile, containing information such as email engagement actions, past purchase data, website browsing activity and customer demographics.

The platform allows you to then segment customers by value, loyalty, engagement, sentiment, and purchasing habits. Finally, you can use predictive analytics to anticipate how your customers will behave, enabling you to take action and these insights using tools such a dynamic product recommendations, propensity models, and customer lifetime value prediction.

Canopy Labs is currently free to use with 5,000 customers or less. To find out more and try it for yourself, visit their site.

Installation / Documentation

Campaign Monitor can be used as a source of customer data and respective email engagement actions. Using Canopy Labs’ integration, all you have to do is use your API key and client name on hand. After import of all client lists, customers can be viewed on the “Generate Leads” page.

If you’re using the multi-client edition of Campaign Monitor, you can find your API key with these instructions.

If you’re using the direct edition (no clients) of Campaign Monitor, you can find your API key with these instructions.

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