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Drive ROI with Ematic: Grow, Engage and Convert on email.


  • Make full use of Ematic Solution’s product suite directly in Campaign Monitor
  • Grow your database with Bye-iQ, improve email engagement with Hi-iQ, and regather revenue with Retry-iQ
  • Drive powerful ROI growth with email marketing and join our over 400 customers


The Ematic Email Suite: Marketing Intelligence for ROI
Grow your subscriber database, Engage audiences with email, and Convert with automated transactional emails.

Bye-iQ: Grow your database faster
• Get more subscribers easily with on-page smart overlays that appear when customers are most likely to react

• Design gorgeous, on-brand overlays, run A/B tests easily and choose from a toolbox of smart triggers

• Greet new customers with dynamic welcome campaigns that nudge them towards a sale, and hide overlays to existing subscribers.

Hi-iQ Make every email matter
• Maximise email opens and clicks and reduce unnecessary email sending and costs

• AI Algorithm posts a daily segment of your most active, engaged subscribers, to maximize response rates and revenue from your subscribers

• Automatic rehab schedules nurture disengaged subscribers back to full responsiveness

Retry-iQ: Drive more purchases online
• Bring your customers back to your website with automatically triggered emails –

• no manual input necessary

• Nudge purchasing intent across the line into revenue, and encourage one-time customers to make more repeat purchases

• Improve customer experience with targeted emails based on interest, browsing behaviour and email engagement

The Ematic product suite offers a seamless experience customer experience that integrates directly with Campaign Monitor. New subscribers captured by Bye-iQ are immediately added to your Contacts List of choice directly in Campaign Monitor. Hi-iQ pushes a new Segment to Campaign Monitor daily of the most engaged, active subscribers for you to reach out to with your campaigns. Retry-iQ automatically reaches out to re-engage and convert customers who have abandoned browse or booking, and even nudges customers who have not made purchases in a while.

Installation / Documentation

To get started with Campaign Monitor for Ematic Solutions, you must have a paid account of both applications.

The Customer Success Manager for your Ematic Solutions account will walk you through the integration steps.

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Price: - From USD 99 per month for 25,000 subscribers
Developer: Ematic Solutions
Developer Website:

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