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Fresh Relevance

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Manage personalized content and transactional triggered emails with Campaign Monitor and Fresh Relevance.


  • Personalized email content with specific items or categories of products that people have browsed the most
  • Fresh Relevance's Cart Rebuild feature keeps a customer's abandoned cart intact, no matter where they are browsing
  • See a 11.5% sales lift from cart abandonment and browsing emails


Add a behavioral dimension to your email marketing with this awesome integration from Fresh Relevance. Fresh Relevance allows you to enact a range of real-time triggered emails that are built on Campaign Monitor and fully customizable to suit your company’s branding. Use real-time content tools to make your email content personalized with specific items or categories of products people have browsed the most. Embed real-time countdown timers in your emails to drive urgency, personalized images to boost engagement and dynamic web crops to seamlessly integrate your company’s latest offers or blog posts into your transactional emails or email campaigns.

Even better: if someone abandons their cart on their iPhone and then opens your cart abandonment email on their computer, Fresh Relevance’s Cart Rebuild feature keeps their entire cart intact, no matter where they are browsing.

Built on top of Campaign Monitor’s already strong automated email workflows, target customers with specific needs or interests based on a behavioral profile. For example: someone was looking at fishing poles on your site in the price range of $100-$200? You can send them an email with specific information about other products that might be of interest to them. Other customers of Fresh Relevance have seen a 11.5% sales lift from cart abandonment and browsing emails!

Pricing for Fresh Relevance starts at 199 for unlimited behavioral, real-time content. For more information, a demo, or to get started head on over to Fresh Relevance’s site today.

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Price: Starts at $299
Developer: Fresh Relevance
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