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Developed by Ematic Solutions

Intelligent algorithm that maximizes the value of each subscriber


  • Grow your database without increasing cost: minimize your time, effort, and expenses by reducing mailing volumes to inactive subscribers
  • Send more mail without annoying users: individualize the mailing frequency to each subscriber based on past engagement level and behavior
  • Improve deliverability and reduce spam: gradually improve your deliverability by increasing email engagement and reduce spam complaints by sending to highly engaged users
  • Drive engagement and accelerate growth: maximize engagement from your entire email database
  • Prolong the longevity of subscribers: Hi-iQ will create a custom-tailored treatment for each and every subscriber according to their interaction levels


Hi-iQ is an intelligent algorithm tool that’s designed for cost savings and to help you maximize the value of each and every subscriber. It manages email frequency at an individual user level to restrict noise for users, reduce spam reports and complaints, gracefully manage long-time disengaged users without throwing them out, improve engagement rates by automatically identifying user level interaction, and improve deliverability on dedicated IPs by having better engagement rates. It’s proven to deliver blue-chip results for clients across all industries.


  • Cost savings
  • Email frequency management
  • Increased subscriber engagement
  • Reduce spam
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Improve deliverability

Installation / Documentation

To get Hi-iQ plugged, you must be a paying Campaign Monitor customer.

The Engineering and Customer Success team from Ematic Solutions will help guide throughout the installation process and product onboarding. Click here to find out more.

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Price: Starts from US$99/month
Developer: Ematic Solutions
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