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Connect Facebook Lead Ads with your Campaign Monitor subscriber lists.


Facebook Lead Ads are a new ad type that were recently released by Facebook to make it super easy for mobile users to be able to subscribe to a newsletter right from their phone. When someone clicks on your lead ad, a form opens with the person’s contact information automatically populated, based on the information they share with Facebook, like their name and email address.

Automatically populating the contact information that people share with Facebook makes filling in the form as fast as two taps: one click on the ad to open the form and another to submit the autofilled form. If they don’t want to use the pre-filled information, People can edit their contact information before submitting the form, and this information isn’t sent to the business until a person clicks “submit.”

With all that being said, those leads aren’t put anywhere-Facebook just stores them in a CSV that you need to export and then import into your CRM or ESP if you want to use them. That’s where LeadsBridge comes in.

Use LeadsBridge to connect your Facebook Lead Ads automatically to Campaign Monitor, and as soon as you have a new subscriber they will be added to a list of your choice. Hook your list up to one of our automated workflows and target those customers instantly.

Pricing for LeadsBridge starts at $97 a year. To get started or read more, check out the LeadsBridge site today. If you’re keen to get set up, check out their documentation.

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Price: Starts at $79/year
Developer: LeadsBridge
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