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Campaign Monitor for Magento

Developed by Campaign Monitor

Use the rich customer data you have in Magento to send beautiful, targeted email marketing campaigns.


  • Send targeted email campaigns to skyrocket sales like offers to VIP customers or repeat customers
  • Take advantage of pre-packaged segments that are created once you sync your data
  • Build beautiful emails with ease with our drag-and-drop email builder


Research shows that personalized, relevant email marketing campaigns have at least 26% higher open rate than generic ones. By connecting Campaign Monitor and Magento, you can unlock this opportunity for your business and start sending hyper-targeted, personalized emails to your base.

Send targeted email campaigns. The different types of email campaigns you can send using your Magento data are endless, but there are some quick campaigns that will impact your business immediately. – Send new customers a welcome offer – Target your VIP customers – Re-engage customers to complete their next purchase – Get targeted with your next announcement – Recognize an important day with an offer

Take advantage of pre-packaged segments. We take care of the work for you with pre-packaged segments based on the most actionable audiences in Magento, such as big spenders, loyal customers, and new customers. And with the quick, one-time setup process you can watch your rich customer data flow from Magento to Campaign Monitor without any additional effort.

Build beautiful campaigns with ease. Campaign Monitor’s selection of professional, mobile-optimized email templates coupled with its drag-and-drop email builder make it incredibly easy to build beautiful, branded email campaigns without a line of code.

Installation / Documentation

To get started with Campaign Monitor for Magento, you must have a paid account of both applications.

For step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Campaign Monitor for Magento, see the setup guide relevant to your account type:

If you’re using the multi-client edition of Campaign Monitor, see this guide.

If you’re using the direct edition (no clients) of Campaign Monitor, see this guide.

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