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Create the perfect visual experience across email, web, and display.


  • Create cross-channel campaigns across email, web, and display that utilize intelligent creative that will ensure personalized, consistent, and compelling experiences for consumers at every moment.
  • Leverage existing data, API, CSV, CRM, and web, to create relevant and personalized experiences at the time of open.
  • Target and personalize content using customers’ real-time context like weather, time, location and device. Target event further by using recent browse or shopping cart behaviors.
  • Seamlessly integrate Movable Ink into your existing martech stack and amplify your power to streamline production and drive additional revenue.


Movable Ink’s visual experience platform allows users to generate and personalize intelligent creative based on consumer context and behavior, third-party insights, and business logic. Campaign Monitor users can create compelling cross-channel experiences using existing content or combine website behavior, proprietary data, and the context of the customer interaction to speak to customer needs.

Personalize any email – newsletter, transactional, or journey – using each customer’s recent browsing behavior and seamlessly swap in individual interests and actions for default promotions.

Installation / Documentation

To use Movable Ink in your emails, you’ll need a Movable Ink account. For more information, visit our Support Center.

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Price: Paid
Developer: Movable Ink
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