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Individualized email content selection, at scale


  • Effortlessly ingests and analyzes all your editorial content right from your website
  • Tracks every user interaction with your content and builds comprehensive user behavioral profiles
  • Uses machine learning to select individualized, 1:1 content based on user behavioral history and editor-defined business rules
  • Enables you to deliver more relevant content to your subscribers with significantly less effort


Every subscriber is different and traditional segmentation disguised as personalization is no longer enough. 74% of consumers feel frustrated when content doesn’t relate to their interests, yet email marketers are still using the same broad segmentation approaches that deliver just that.

OneSpot InBox selects your most relevant content for each email subscriber based on their content consumption history, and automatically injects it into your newsletter, promotional and automated messages. By using our individualization technology, you will deliver an individualized content experience for each subscriber, driving results while saving time.

Deliver results with personalized content experiences
By harnessing the power of machine learning, OneSpot InBox tracks each subscriber’s behavioral data from a brand’s owned and operated site and predicts what content each individual would like to receive next. When compared to manual content selection, our clients see significant lift in click-to-open rates.

Accomplish more in less time
Don’t waste time trying to manually select content that appeals to everyone. Based on a topic or theme you select, OneSpot InBox finds and injects your most relevant content for each mailing, reducing the time it takes you to prepare each campaign, and enabling your team to send more frequent newsletters and promotional emails. One mailing. No segments. Millions of possibilities.

Get up and running in weeks, not months
OneSpot InBox was built on the idea that onboarding should be simple. With no CMS integration, programming or development required, and a seamless integration with Campaign Monitor, you will deliver endless content combinations that drive better results — just by clicking send.

Installation / Documentation

To get started with OneSpot InBox, you must have an account with both Campaign Monitor and OneSpot. The only technical requirement is the placement of a OneSpot JavaScript tag in the header of your website. OneSpot’s Customer Success team will guide you through template creation and the establishment of any required business rules. Once you are setup, adding individualized content to your email campaigns becomes as simple as drag-and-drop from within the Campaign Monitor interface or copy-and-paste from OneSpot’s easy-to-use wizard. Most customers are up and running in less than a month.

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Price: Annual contract based on email volume and site traffic. Email for details.
Developer: OneSpot
Developer Website: OneSpot InBox
Contact: Email support

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