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Maximize customer spending and automate 1-to-1 campaigns with this customer retention solution for turning complex data analytics into actionable campaigns.


Delivering specialized offers to your subscribers based on their past behaviours and even price sensitivity used to be exclusively the domain of big eCommerce players like Amazon and Zappos. However, with Retention Science, it’s now possible for marketers at all levels to tailor their messages based on previous purchasing history and ensure offers and discounts are applied according to what’s most effective to individuals, instead of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that’s been traditionally used. Retention Science also makes it possible to predict the lifetime value of a customer, purchase probability and more.

Using Retention Science’s integration with Campaign Monitor, you can take the guesswork out of retention marketing, by predicting churn, re-activating dormant customers and re-engaging existing customers before they lapse. Email-friendly features include:

  • Dynamic offers – Predictive algorithms determine a customer’s purchase probability for each available offer and deliver the lowest discount needed to convert.
  • Timing optimization – Statistical models analyze the timing of opened emails, purchases, websites activity and over 30 other attributes to predict the most optimal delivery time to increase revenue.¬†The results are¬†decreased costs, less churn and more effective email marketing.

To find out how Retention Science can help online retailers and view the other apps they integrate with, visit their website.

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