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Videos that play in your inbox


Viwomail is the first technology that enables videos to be played in your inbox. Something that was not possible, until now, due to security reasons, different technologies, devices, OS, etc. When certain factors don’t allow for a video to be played, a high quality video-GIF or 1-click-to-play static image (only for desktop outlook users) will be shown. The GIF is free, there are no charges for a GIF or an image; the only cost will be when subscribers really view the video.

Viwomail offers statistics in real time and is compatible with Campaign Monitor. The benefit is that your subscribers won’t need to download any ‘players’ or have Flash —it simply works.

Main Features:

  • Video with autoplay in the email.
  • If the video is not supported by the email client, a high quality video-GIF or fallback image is shown (at no charge).
  • Auto detection and optimized video sizes for mobile devices.
  • Ability to create a video email campaign directly from a YouTube url.
  • Preview of your video email template before finishing.
  • Compatible with Campaign Monitor, simply copy and paste the HTML code and send.
  • High-speed servers configured worldwide ensuring instantaneous delivery of the video.
  • Ability to handle high volumes, more than 10 million video emails per hour

Installation / Documentation

Link to setup instructions here.

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Developer: Viwomail
Developer Website:
Contact: Email support
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  • Campaign Monitor account

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