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Turn Insight into Action with Woopra’s Real-Time Customer Intelligence


  • With the click of a button, unify your disparate data sets into a single platform - unveiling the entire customer journey from initial interest to purchase and beyond.
  • With a consolidated view of data gathered across your CRM, Mobile, In-App, Marketing Automation, Social, and Support tools - harness real-time segmentation, funnels, retention, churn, product engagement and more.
  • Turn insights into automated data-driven actions. Trigger personalized content and real-time notifications to deliver the right content, to the right people, through the right channel, at the right time.


Woopra is redefining how companies understand, analyze, engage and retain their customers.  By consolidating an organization’s siloed data within a singular hub – Woopra  delivers  a holistic, real-time, behavioral view of every prospect and visitor.

Translating data-driven intelligence into complete profiles for every customer enables brands to create a more intuitive experience and unparalleled customer service. With Woopra, every team within the organization is empowered with real-time insights.  Optimize individual touchpoints, monitor product engagement and transform opinion-driven strategies into data-driven actions.

Use Woopra and Campaign Monitor to instantly trigger personalized customer communication based on behavioral data, demographic information, engagement and more!

Installation / Documentation

See Woopra‘s one-click integration with Campaign Monitor here.

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Developer: Woopra
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