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Developed by Zapier

Share contacts between over 500 popular web apps and your Campaign Monitor subscriber lists.


  • Link your web apps and Campaign Monitor with a few clicks, so they can share data
  • Set up automations called "Zaps" to take care of repetitive tasks for you
  • Automate your business and get more done - no coding required


Have you ever felt that web apps and services would be so much better… If only they talked to one another more? For example, if you could sell a product online, then have the customer’s details automatically added to your favorite CRM app?

Zapier has thought long and hard over scenarios like these and have come up with an amazing drag-and-drop interface for automatically pushing data between over 500 popular apps. Their lineup includes perennial favorites like Highrise, Capsule CRM,, Freshbooks, Stripe, Slack and many more.

Thanks to Zapier, a variety of frequently-requested integrations with Campaign Monitor are now real. If Zapier can ‘zap’ it, then you can pretty much set it up using our respective API keys and forget about it. You can also create zaps in each direction – say, to create a new contact in your CRM app when a subscriber is added, or vice versa. You can also receive a customized plain-text email or SMS whenever a new subscriber is added to your list, by simply creating a zap.

Also worth mentioning is Zapier’s ability to automatically unsubscribe people from your lists – for example, if they’re tagged in your CRM software, or their email address features in a Google Spreadsheet. This is very useful when cleaning your lists, say, to remove competitors or to process manually-received unsubscribe requests.

Zapier is priced according to the number of zaps and synchronization frequency you need. For more information and to give it a try, zip over to Zapier.

Installation / Documentation

To get started you’ll need both Campaign Monitor and Zapier accounts.

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Developer: Zapier
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  • Campaign Monitor account
  • Zapier account

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