Update: Exporting Subscribers Improved

Update: Exporting Subscribers Improved

We've just extended the Export Subscribers feature so that along with active subscribers, you can now export a list of unsubscribed, inactive, or bounced subscribers.

Along with this we have also brought the export facilities up to speed with the recent Custom Fields update by including the ability to export any custom subscriber data you might have in your list.

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“Man, I love Campaign Monitor”

"Man, I love Campaign Monitor. I've been using e-mail as a marketing tool since 1996 and it is really refreshing to see such a simple, well-thought out tool. Well done!"

Ken Schafer - Schafer Group

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How can I ensure all my campaigns are CAN-SPAM compliant?

We often get asked by you guys if your campaigns are compliant with the CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) act of 2003, which went into effect in January 1 of last year.

While certain aspects of the law still remain a little cloudy, there are some simple steps you can follow with Campaign Monitor to ensure you're on the right track.

To make things easy, we've compiled a quick checklist for our US customers that you should try and follow to lessen the likelihood of unknowingly violating any of the sometimes ambiguous CAN-SPAM laws.

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“Campaign Monitor… an e-marketers dream tool”

"What a great find! The ease of use and no fuss set up make Campaign Monitor any e-marketers dream tool. Priced for success, flexible enough for most needs. The custom options and form generation tools made incorporating Campaign Monitor into our own site a breeze. Clients love the results and it makes us look great too!"

Damien Buckley, Propeller Graphic Design & Marketing

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“I’m so blown-away impressed with your service I can hardly contain myself”

"I'm so blown-away impressed with your service I can hardly contain myself. You're on my list of super stars like Basecamp and Flickr. Seriously, you guys have done it up right. Nice work."

Carson McComas, FrogBody

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New Feature: Bulk removal of subscribers


Although you've always been able to remove subscribers one-by-one through the current subscriber list management, quite a few customers have requested the ability to remove multiple subscribers in one big hit.

We're happy to announce that we've added this feature today, so if you've got a chunk of subscribers that you want to remove, you can simply copy and paste them into a form and they'll be removed.

These subscribers won't actually be deleted from your list completely, but will be set as inactive, so if you need them back in your list for any reason you can still get to them (if your wondering why, check out this post).

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Fixes: Forward to a Friend preview plus plenty more

We've pushed a heap of bug fixes up over the last few days, including:

  • Testing the Forward to a Friend feature in the campaign preview gave a 'Bad Request' error. This one's fixed.
  • https links in campaigns caused a few troubles in the past. A few clients came up with some tricks to get around this but you won't have to anymore. Problem fixed.
  • There was a small glitch in the Double opt-in process from the web services API which has now been resolved.
  • We've improved our Email address validation to make sure your lists are squeaky clean.
  • Re-subscribing unsubscribed people from a subscribe form wasn't working the way it should, but it is now.
  • Couple of small bugs in the export reports area fixed.
  • A minor number of customers experienced an error when trying to delete a custom field. This problem has been addressed.
  • Searching a subscriber field using a single quotation mark in the search term threw an error. Won't happen anymore.
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“A sheer pleasure… you and your clients win with Campaign Monitor”

"The ease with which I can send an email campaign for my clients using Campaign Monitor has been a sheer pleasure. The interface is top-notch and support related questions, few as I've had, were answered quickly and professionaly. I highly recommend Campaign Monitor as an alternative to overpriced and bloated services like Topica or cumbersome and difficult to setup listservs like Mailman. You and your clients win with Campaign Monitor."

Donovan Watts

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Why can’t I permanently delete sent campaigns or subscribers?

This is a question we get asked a lot, but when you think about it, it does make sense.

By not allowing you guys to permanently remove who's in your lists or who you've sent campaigns to, we provide you with an audit trail that you can use to protect yourself against a complaint.

If a subscriber complains about not being removed from one of your lists, you spamming them, etc, there is always a way to confirm the date they subscribed to your list and when they were removed from it. As long as you're following best practice and have obtained permission, you're covered.

Of course, you can always set a subscriber as inactive if you don't want them to receive any campaigns or hide any test campaigns from your clients with a single click.

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“Brilliant new bulk email service for web developers”

"Never let it be said that I don't give credit where credit is due. Campaign Monitor is a brilliant new bulk email service for web developers. We've just used it to send out a huge campaign and been very impressed with the reporting tools, price, and speed."

Jon Roobottom

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