New Feature: Track your subscriber growth with RSS

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You guys have been after this one for a while. Today, we're wrapped to announce the ability to keep track of your subscriber growth by RSS.

To subscribe to any of your lists, head in to Manage Subscribers, select the list you want to keep track of and then copy and paste the feed URL provided at the bottom of the page into your favourite reader.

Each subscriber list you create has it's very own feed. To make sure you're seeing the latest, we update your stats in real-time whenever you hit refresh in your RSS reader (as long as your reader or aggregator supports this).

Now you can stay on top of your list growth without ever needing to open Campaign Monitor. Of course, you could always use our API to get these stats, or even import your latest subscribers into your own software.

Enjoy - and please let us know if you think anything could be improved.

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API Sample Application in C#

We've just added our first sample application showing you how to take advantage of the recently launched API. This Windows application, kindly developed by Jason Hickey, is a good example of how you can use the API to easily add subscribers from your own app. He's even added a cool feature that allows you to synch your subscriber list with a local Access database.

So what are you still reading for? Head over to the API Documentation and check it out.

And if .Net isn't your cup of tea, why not send us a sample application in your language of choice. We know there are a few people out there integrating the API with flash and Ruby on Rails, and I'd personally be pretty keen to see a Dashboard widget in action.

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Update: Single-click unsubscribe now required for all campaigns

Check out the documentation

To ensure all your campaigns are CAN-SPAM compliant and follow best practice, a single-click unsubscribe link is now required for any emails sent with Campaign Monitor.

Luckily for you, this doesn't mean any extra work if you've been a naughty designer and haven't been using them. As of today, we automatically insert an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all HTML and text emails automatically.

Don't worry, you still have complete design control over the format of your unsubscribe link if you so desire. As always just use the usual unsubscribe tags ([unsubscribe] or <unsubscribe>your text here</unsubscribe>) and we'll convert them into personalized unsubscribe links for all recipients.

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AOL Delivery Issues

We're currently experiencing delivery problems to AOL recipients. We've been assured by AOL that this is only a temporary problem and will be fixed within the next 24 hours or so.

We recommend holding off on sending any campaigns to AOL recipients today. We'll update this alert as soon as you're good to go. If you've got any questions, please let us know.

UPDATE 20/7: We're still working with AOL to resolve this problem for you guys. In anticipation of this delay, we've taken a number of steps to ensure that if they take another 24 hours, we've got other options. Right now, we're sitting tight and waiting for news. If another day passes, we'll flick the switch on our alternate option and you guys can start sending to your AOL recipients. More news here shortly...

UPDATE 21/7: We're back! You can now send any campaigns to your AOL recipients without fearing any bounces. In fact, this incident has only reinforced our AOL whitelisting status.

Thanks so much for your patience. We've learnt a lot from this experience and have put a lot of new measures in place to help combat any similar situations in the future. Finally, a big thanks to Robert at AOL for his dedication to getting to the bottom of the problem at their end.

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The Campaign Monitor API - get your hands dirty!

Check out the documentation

Today, after loads of testing and feedback from some dedicated early adopters, we're excited to announce the release of the Campaign Monitor API.

It's now all too easy to integrate your Campaign Monitor account into another application. You might want to:

  • Integrate Campaign Monitor with your favourite CRM software, automating the process of adding new customers to your subscriber lists.
  • Drop an opt-in checkbox for any of your lists into an existing form on any web site.
  • Put together a dashboard widget to get real-time updates on how many people have subscribed to your list today.

We've put together plenty of documentation on each method as well as a quick overview on getting the required details from your own account. We'll be launching a few more methods real soon, plus a few sample wrappers for different languages.

What are you waiting for? Dig in and get your hands dirty, then tell us all about it!

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Gallery: The Columbus Museum of Art Newsletter

See the complete email design

The team from Grip Technology have been at it again, this time with a nice simple newsletter for The Columbus Museum of Art.

The email avoids too much fluff and gets straight into what the audience is interested in - what’s happening and when. The primary navigation on the web site is also repeated in the header of the email so readers can jump straight to an area of interest for more information.

Designer:  Grip Technology  |  See the complete design

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“The best email sending tool on the market”

"What continues to impress me about Campaign Monitor is the amount of new features you continue to add. At times I feel you read my mind for something I want, while other times you blow my mind with things I didn't even know I needed."

"I would say keep up all the hard work, but you guys don't seem to need any encouragement to strive to make Campaign Monitor the best email sending tool on the market. OK, it would just be rude if I didn't say anything. You guys rock, keep up all the hard work!"

David Ditges, Thrive Africa

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Gallery: AirClic Mobile Newsletter

See the complete email designToday we’re featuring a nice looking corporate newsletter for software and mobile information services company Airclic.

The newsletter balances articles, product updates, events and free downloads nicely. Of increasing importance these days, the newsletter is also very easy to read with images disabled.

Listing the contents of the newsletter at the top of the email is also a nice idea, but it would have been even more effective if each item was a target that scrolled straight to that item in the newsletter.

Designer:  Elizabeth Herberg  |  See the complete design

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