“Campaign Monitor is absolutely brilliant!”

"I've just recently sent my first campaign and I must say that Campaign Monitor is absolutely brilliant! I've been in the web design business for some time now and have never come across a service that is so in tune with how a designer works. You've completely revolutionized how my clients and myself will be sending email newsletters from now on."

Curve2 Design

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Gallery: Thrive Africa Newsletter

See the complete email design

With the G8 conference happening today, we thought it would be a great time to feature a nicely designed newsletter about a cause aimed at fighting poverty in southern Africa.

The designer does a nice job of balancing the lead story with secondary items and upcoming events. The header design is consistent each month and very similar to the web site, creating an important visual link that reminds subscribers where they signed up.

Nice to see the address book request issue being covered as well.

Designer:  Alece van Rensburg  |  See the complete design

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Our position on permission

Permission Confirmation Checklist Screenshot

What's OK, what's not OK and what's just plain illegal?

As web designers, we often face this dilemma. Your client approaches you about designing their next email newsletter and sends you their list of 2,000 email addresses, explaining:

"We got this list from a partner of ours but it's 100% opt-in and we're in the same industry."

You design the newsletter, import the list and send away. But guess what, you just breached our Terms of Use and probably just broke the law.

We all hate spammers, and the last thing you want to do is become one. Permission doesn't need to be a gray area, so weíve put together a checklist you can go through each time you import subscribers into your account.

As part of our terms, make sure you've got the following covered EVERY time you import a list:

  • My list is 100% permission based. Every individual on my list has explicitly asked to receive email from me or I have a proven relationship with the recipient.
  • I did not purchase this list from any source.
  • My list does not contain email address that have been automatically captured or scraped by surfing the Internet or using an email scraping tool.

We've gone so far as to build this checklist right into the software, so from today youíll need to tick each box every time you import a list into Campaign Monitor.

It's your responsibility to make these points very clear to whoever supplies you with a list. It goes without saying (but Iíll say it anyway) that any violation of these rules will result in the immediate termination of your account. Did I mention we hate spammers?

At the end of the day, a smaller permission based list is ALWAYS going to out perform a larger unsolicited list. It's just common sense.

Read this post Posted by David Greiner - 2 Comments
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