Update: New API Methods

Just a quick note to let all you eager developers out there know that we've added a couple of extra methods to the API (based on user feedback as usual). The new methods allow you to get more detail on a specific campaign, including who opened your email, what links they clicked and how many times. There's also a method which allows you get all bounces for a specific campaign. Also, we just added the ability to get a list of the clients you've setup in Campaign Monitor.
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“Beautiful, easy to use, and incredibly functional”

"I absolutely love your software. It's beautiful, easy to use, and incredibly functional - just awesome."

Peter Franceschi, Grants Office

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New Feature: Subscribe Confirmation Emails

Confirmation email screenshot

We've finally added support for the middle man between single and double opt-in subscriber lists. Known as 'confirmed opt-in', you can now send a confirmation email to any of your new subscribers when they join your list.

Doesn't sound all that exciting does it, but this little email can be a great way to get off on the right foot or encourage more subscribers. Here's a few ideas you can try:

  1. Start by welcoming your new subscribers and encourage them to add your sending email address to their address book. This can dramatically increase the chances of it being delivered and displaying as intended.
  2. A great way to encourage new people to join your list is by offering a free white-paper or other resource. By using confirmed opt-in, you can qualify their email address and send them the link to their reward from the confirmation email.
  3. Develop that relationship a little further. Remind each subscriber why they signed up and let them know they should be looking forward to when they receive your next newsletter.

It's also a good idea to show each new subcriber how much you respect their privacy by linking to an unsubscribe form where they can remove themselves from the list. You'll find that hardly any will ever use this option and it builds confidence in how you manage their details.

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Optimizing CSS presentation in HTML emails

This article is a sequel to one that appeared on A List Apart shortly after the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 was enacted. (If you haven't read it, you might want to take a gander.) The web has made great strides in standards-coding techniques, and my philosophies have evolved accordingly. I now would like to clarify the intentions of my original article and explain how my approach to HTML emails has kept pace with the rapidly changing internet environment.

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Gallery: The Showlist

See the complete email design

We love the simple, elegant email newsletter designs that the Coudal Partners team have been sending through Campaign Monitor of late.

Each issue is a great example of how professional AND easy to read an imageless and tableless email can look. Make sure you check out their studio and Jewelboxing newsletter as well.

Great job guys!

Designer:  Coudal Partners  |  See the complete design

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Gallery: Mission to South Africa Monthly Updates

See the complete email design

Dave Ditges uses an email newsletter to keep his readers in the loop each month about his latest experiences as a missionary in South Africa.

I like how Dave goes to extra lengths to encourage his recipients to add him to their address book by linking to a full explanation of why it’s such a good idea.

Designer:  David Ditges  |  See the complete design

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