“The perfect balance between clever functionality and great usability”

"Big round of applause from our side guys. The design and interface is really beautiful and it's so easy to work with. Campaign Monitor is the perfect balance between clever functionality and great usability."

Kim Ahlgreen, InleadMedia

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Gallery: Wendy Bellissimo Announcements

See the complete email designWe loved this great looking monthly email newsletter sent by designer, author and mother Wendy Bellissimo.

The color palette, type and general design style are refreshingly consistent with the products being sold. The newsletter aims to keep customer up to date with the latest releases and it does just that, simply and professionally.

The unsubscribe copy is also well written and almost makes you feel guilty for clicking it.

Designer:  Element Creative  |  See the complete design

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Minimizing Subscribe Form Spam

Screenshot of the updated subscribe form codeYep, you read that right. Not only have you got to worry about comment spam on your blogs, but your subscribe form could be the next target. We've had a number of customers let us know about this problem and have just made a small change to the subscribe form code to combat this. If you're seeing any strange subscribers in your list (especially those that mention the .com domain in the email address), grab the latest version of the subscribe code from your account. We also updated the supplied signup code to include one with basic formatting, one with CSS formatting and a table based version. A big thanks to Ken Schafer from One Degree for helping us test this solution. Great guy and a great resource for Canadian marketers.
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Best practices for sending to an older list

Let’s say your client approaches you to send a campaign to Old Faithful, their house list that’s slowly grown over the years but hasn’t been contacted in 12 months or so. Hell, 12 months doesn’t sound that long. You put together the creative and start sending.

Things start to get ugly

The campaign’s sent. 40% of your list hard bounce right from the word go. Another 25% unsubscribe immediately. Old Faithful aint what it used to be.

Problem 1: 30% is a big number

Here’s a scary fact. Email address churn averages about 30% every year. This means that each year almost a third of your subscriber list will have moved on to a new email address. If you haven’t sent to your subscriber list in a while, you can see how quickly they can become out of date.

Problem 2: Permission doesn’t age well

Even if an old subscriber hasn’t changed their address, they might not even remember being added to your list. As web designers, we often forget that registering on a web site isn’t always a particularly memorable experience for most people. If you haven’t been in touch with a subscriber for more than 12 months, chances are the permission they once gave is now worthless.

The solution - a permission confirmation campaign

If your list hasn’t been contacted for at least 12 months, you should consider a permission confirmation campaign. This is a simple email that includes:

  • An explanation of how, when and where they subscribed to your list.

  • A compelling list of the benefits of continuing their subscription and a preview of what you’ll be contacting them about in the future. If you can’t say anything compelling then you shouldn’t be contacting them in the first place.

  • A confirmation link the user must click to confirm their subscription. The best approach is to link to a subscribe form for a brand new list. Make life easier by using personalization to automatically populate the form with their existing details.

Any subsequent campaigns should only be sent to the new list. Many will argue that this method will lose you a lot of subscribers. I say that if a recipient can’t be bothered to confirm their subscription, their unlikely to be opening, reading and responding to your campaigns anyway.

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Reports Optimization and Speed Improvements

A number of customers with larger lists might have been experiencing speed issues with some of reports, especially the Recipient Activity Report. We're constantly making small tweaks to our database to improve performance, but this update was a biggie. Thanks to a complete rethink of some parts of the database, you guys should notice significant speed improvements in the reporting section of Campaign Monitor. We're rolling out a number of other improvements in the coming days, so stay tuned.
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Update: New API methods and a PHP sample

See the PHP sample

The feedback keeps pouring in and the API continues to grow. We've just added a much requested PHP sample to get anyone familiar with PHP started, plus 4 new methods:

Campaign.GetSummary Gets a statistical summary, including number of recipients and open count, for a given campaign.

Campaign.GetUnsubscribes Gets a list of all subscribers who unsubscribed for a given campaign.

Subscriber.AddAndResubscribe Adds a subscriber to an existing subscriber list, or re-subscribes one previously un-subscribed.

Subscriber.AddAndResubscribeWithCustomFields Adds a subscriber to a subscriber list, or re-subscribes one previously un-subscribed, including adding custom field data from the subscriber.

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New Feature: Linking to a web version of your campaign

While the majority of web based email environments are slowly improving their HTML rendering skills, some are still pretty far behind. I'm talking to you Hotmail and Gmail. Because of this, it can be a good idea to include a having trouble reading this email, click here link in the header of your email.

If you're sending really long newsletters, this is also a good option. Some of your recipients might prefer the screen real estate afforded by a web browser as opposed to an email client. Up until now, you had to create your own web based version and link to it manually. Well, not any more.

Introducing the <webversion> tag

From today, you can use a simple tag to generate a personalized link to a web based version of your campaign for every recipient. This means that even if they're viewing the web version, we still track how many times they checked it out, what links they clicked on, etc.

In your HTML code, just use the tag <webversion> and </webversion> and we'll do the rest.

For example:

Having trouble reading this email, <webversion>click here</webversion>.

If you're sending a multi-part email and you'd like to include a link to the HTML version in your text version, you can use the [webversion] tag.

For example:

Click the link below to read this email in your browser: [webversion]

The link will be to our server but will use your personalized subdomain. We'll also be tracking the clicks on all web version links, so if you're recipients aren't using them, you know it's safe to remove them.

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Gallery: Via Alley Newsletter

See the complete email designVia Alley is a brand new initiative aimed at igniting the creative spark in all of us. The site features a growing online gallery, unique store and forum - and they chose Campaign Monitor to send the best bits to their community each month.

The newsletter design is unique but remains consistent with the spirit of the site. How cool are those salt and pepper shakers!

Only one complaint, this newsletter really doesn’t work well at all with images turned off. The importance of designing for this situation is getting increasingly important and is something every email designer needs to be wary of.

Designer:  Ben Hsu  |  See the complete design

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