Update: Multilingual Campaign Improvements

Over the past few weeks we've been spending a heap of time on making sure multilingual campaigns are being imported and sent correctly through Campaign Monitor. We've made plenty of small tweaks, including the ability to use the character encoding value you set in your Meta tag. We spent a large portion of this time testing, but if you notice any quirks sending non-English campaigns please make sure you let us know.
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Gallery: Minnesota Realtors Resource Update

See the complete email designWhile this email newsletter from the Minnesota Association of Realtors looks great, it’s not the main reason we’re featuring it in the gallery today.

What we really wanted to showcase was the welcome use of clear unsubscribe messages throughout the campaign. While the email is 100% permission based (like all mail sent through our software), the sender shows their respect for the subscriber by placing an unsubscribe link at the very top of the email.

I can already see some marketers getting their backs up about this move, but if people don’t want to hear from you, hiding a link at the bottom of the email aint gonna make them more interested in what you have to say.

Designer:  House & Home  |  See the complete design

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The Campaign Monitor Not-So-Monthly Updates

We just received some fantastic feedback from Nick Finck, editor of Digital Web Magazine about our occasional email newsletter.

"I have subscribed to and read a lot of newsletters from various companies about all kinds of products and services, but never before have I seen a newsletter more useful and invaluable to it's customers than I have with your newsletter."

Thanks Nick. If you're keen to stay up to date with the latest at Campaign Monitor and receive useful tips on getting the most out of email marketing, you can subscribe to the newsletter at the top left of this blog.

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Gallery: Trident eUpdate

See the complete email designWe’re big fans of this monthly newsletter sent by the international design firm Trident Communications. Not only does the email look great, but it serves a number of purposes very well.

By breaking the newsletter up into bite-sized chunks that are visually separated, subscribers can easily scan the email to find the juicy bits they’re interested in. The “Further Information” column on the right of each chunk also ties the story back to their relevant services nicely.

Another feature which is fast becoming a requirement for every email, the design works great when images are disabled. This means that no matter what their recipient’s email environment is, the newsletter will still look great and remain easy to read.

Designer:  Trident Communications  |  See the complete design

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Congratulations Joseph

Our congratulations to Joseph Szala from Vigor Graphic Design for being the first to forward our most recent newsletter on to his friends. Our apologies to the hundreds of others that kindly passed our newsletter on, but Joseph had it forwarded in all but a few seconds. His quick hands have earnt him 10,000 free email credits to play with.
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“Rarely do you see feature-rich products that are so easy to use”

"Rarely do you see feature-rich products that are so easy to use. To top it off, the responsiveness of your support team is so impressive. Keep up the great work."

Mike Tasso

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