Gallery: Berkeley Cinemas Newsletter

See the complete email designAll I can say is, I wish my local cinema sent out newsletters like this every week.

Berkeley Cinemas, a New Zealand based chain of cinemas use Campaign Monitor to keep their thousands of members in the loop about what’s showing, new movies that are coming up and special member promotions.

The design does a great job of highlighting the key releases for the week, but also giving quick access to a list of every movie showing for the next week.

Designer:  web produce group  |  See the complete design

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Gallery: Brasserie Bread

See the complete email designOk ok, maybe I’m being a little biased here, but it’s only so often we feature an email that we can actually take advantage of.

Brasserie Bread, famous for their delicious breads and pastries have just opened shop not far from the Campaign Monitor offices. Luckily for us, their email announcing the opening looks great.

Designer:  David James  |  See the complete design

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“Finally, a reliable, fast, easy to use and technically perfect product”

"If there was a standard for sending email broadcasts, Campaign Monitor have set it. There is no fuss, no technical problems to overcome and everything is explained along the way."

"In a word, marvellous!"

Richard Smith, unite form

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Gallery: Austin Advertising Federation

See the complete email designThis tight little newsletter sent by the Austin Advertising Federation caught our eye recently. Like many of the other designs we’ve featured recently, this email gets a tick for great looks, scannability, and readability even with images disabled.

Our favourite bit would have to be the unsubscribe link:

“If you are saying, ‘Take me off this #*+%$# list’, you may unsubscribe here.”

Nothing like a little sense of humour to lighten up what’s usually the serious section of an email.

Designer:  Olive Design  |  See the complete design

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Gallery: The Dish

See the complete email designA great design for a great cause, The Dish is the official monthly newsletter for Share Our Strength, the United States’ leading anti-hunger organization.

The simple layout is very easy to scan and works great even when images aren’t displayed. Our only suggestion would be to make the bullet points under “In This Issue” targeted links that allow the recipient to scroll straight to the story itself.

Check out the newsletter and while you’re at it, why not join us in making a donation to this great cause.

Designer:  Ted Topolewski  |  See the complete design

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“Wonderfully simple interface… we canít rave about it enough”

"Their service is just fantastic... we canít rave about it enough. From importing the mailing list, to creating the content (both plain text and HTML), to scheduling the delivery of the email, to managing the bounces when the email canít be delivered. Everything is taken care of, and managed through a wonderfully simple interface."

"We are definitely using Campaign Monitor in the future, and we recommend that you do as well."

Jordan Brock, Spin Technologies

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