Tip: Should you personalize your subject lines?

Campaign Monitor makes it really easy to personalize the subject of your email with your subscriber’s name and email address. The big question is, should you do it?

Here’s some nice research from MediaPost’s Melinda Krueger on some recent tests she performed on this very topic. The results were very positive. So positive in fact that every campaign that had a personalized subject achieved a better open rate and often click-though rate.

But before you start personalizing every email you send, she also had these important words of advice:

“Beware of forcing personalization. Gratuitous personalization can make you sound like a huckster and detract from your message and your brand. Even though these results are pretty impressive, this client did not use personalized subject lines 100 percent of the time.”

Let’s also not forget that the option to even consider personalization depends on the quality of your list. There aren’t many bigger email marketing mistakes than to receive a personalized email with someone else’s name.

Our recommendation. If you’re confident in the quality of your subscriber name data then try this for your next campaign. See if there was an improvement in your open and click-through rate and make a judgment call yourself.

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Gallery: The Frequency

See the complete email designWe really enjoyed this email newsletter by New York based designer Armistead Booker. His email is loaded with great content and the design is really engaging.

Perhaps our favorite bit was the great introduction and explanation at the top of his email explaining exactly why you’re receiving his email, how he got your email address and instructions on unsubscribing if it’s not for you.

This kind of detail is becoming increasingly important as we all receive more and more email. The faster you can remind your recipients about how they gave you their permission the better.

Designer:  Armistead Booker  |  See the complete design

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New Feature: Segment your email addresses by “contains”

Screenshot of the new contains segmenting

Since we launched segmentation back in February, the most requested improvement by far was the ability to create a segment based on a wildcard or "contains" condition.

We've been listening. As of today, you can now use the "contains" and "does not contain" clauses in the email address field to narrow your segments for even more targeted emails.

For example, now you can send an email to all your recipient except those at Hotmail or target only those at educational (.edu) addresses.

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Gallery: Lloyd’s News Centre Digest

See the complete email designToday we’re featuring a nicely designed monthly newsletter for Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading insurance market.

The email design certainly gets all the basics right:

  • A link to a web-based version of the email.
  • The table of contents in the top left of the page so they always appear in the recipient’s preview pane.
  • Using text for all important headlines and links in case images are disabled.

Hat’s off to the team to Conchango for not only getting the fundamentals right but designing a great looking email to boot.

Designer:  Roger Houghton  |  See the complete design

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Introducing MailBuild

You guys might have noticed the posts have been a little thin around here lately. Unfortunately, it's not because we've been surfing in Indonesia. We've actually been hard at work on a brand new email marketing application called MailBuild, which is launching some time next month.

Just like Campaign Monitor, MailBuild has been built for you guys - web designers and email marketers. But the similarities stop there. We've built MailBuild for those clients of yours that want to create their own emails and manage their own subscribers, but still send great looking emails. Here's a quick screenshot to give you a taste of what's coming.

MailBuild in action

You can use MailBuild to:

  • Create a separate account for each of your clients - which they can log-in to from your own site.
  • Completely customize the app so it looks like your own tool. Like Campaign Monitor, it's completely private label.
  • Design great looking templates for your clients or re-use any from our growing gallery.

Your clients can use MailBuild to:

  • Create and send awesome looking emails in seconds with no knowledge of HTML - see this in action (1 minute, 6.3MB)
  • Manage their own subscribers - we handle unsubscribes and bounces for them.
  • Check out attractive reports on the results of their campaigns.

The best part is, the pricing model will be just like Campaign Monitor, so you can easily charge your clients a marked up rate to use the software.

We'll be officially launching some time in July, but we're currently accepting applications to join our beta program. If MailBuild sounds like something you'd be interested in, apply for an invite code today. OK, one last screenshot, we couldn't resist.

MailBuild in action
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“A complete realization of my wish list”

"I have been using GotMarketing Campaigner for almost 4 years now and I was finally fed up with the shortcomings of their system (there are many). In desperation I signed up 10 days ago to use Constant Contact, even though I have no need for their template support. Then I found Campaign Monitor. Your system is a complete realization of my wish list. So far it has worked beautifully (first campaign went out this morning). I'm looking forward to doing many more campaigns with you. Thanks!"

Craig Miller, Ithaka Partners

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Gallery: Recycle Now Newsletter

See the complete email designWe instantly loved this monthly newsletter by UK based Recycle Now. This is definitely one of the nicer looking emails I’ve seen in a while, especially for such a good cause.

On top of looking great, the newsletter features loads of useful content. From tips, interesting recycling trivia, interactive games and even a poll for their subscribers. To top things off, the email even looks great with images disabled.

This one’s going to be tough to beat.

Designer:  Ben Enright  |  See the complete design

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