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AmigoIf you've ever considered adding a little advertising to your email newsletters but never knew where to start? Amigo, a new product from the team at Carson Systems looks really interesting. Here's the skinny...

"The app works like a matching service. If you are an advertiser you can register with Amigo and find hundreds of newsletters in which to advertise your product. If you are a newsletter owner, your small (but targeted) newsletter could be the perfect ad vehicle for one advertiser who is willing to pay a relatively high price per click to reach your subscribers. It's a match made in heaven!"

Amigo is currently in beta, but if you're interested you can register for their beta program here. We can definitely see this kind of service coming in handy for smaller newsletter publishers looking at generating a little extra revenue.

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Gallery: Olive Newsletter

See the complete email designIn our recent email design guidelines, we recommended trying to include a good overview of the contents of your email at the top and preferably top-left of your design.

The Olive Press, by Texas based Olive Design is a perfect example of this technique. It doesn’t matter if their recipients are seeing the complete mail or just a snippet in a preview pane, listing the table of contents in this position makes it easy to decide if an email is worth opening.

The only challenge from there is ensuring your content is interesting enough to get the readers attention. Something the Olive Press clearly doesn’t have a problem doing. This is a great example for other designers on keeping your services and expertise fresh in the minds of your clients.

Designer:  Olive  |  See the complete design

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Update: Unsubscribe confirmation page improvement

Screenshot of the new unsubscribe confirmation page

We've just pushed a much requested improvement to our generic unsubscribe pages live. Whenever a recipient unsubscribes from one of your lists, the confirmation page now includes:

  • The email address that was removed.
  • A re-subscribe link so if the single-click unsubscribe link was clicked accidentally (it's amazing how many people click it to "see what happens"), the recipient can re-subscribe to the list with a single-click.

Of course, you can still use your own unsubscribe confirmation pages to keep the entire process transparent. If you're keen to implement your own version of the re-subscribe option, check out this tip and this method in our API.

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Gallery: WWF Futuremakers

See the complete email designThe great emails for great causes just keep on coming! Today we’re featuring a monthly newsletter sent by WWF Australia called Futuremakers.

The visual separation of each main section with a different background color makes the email very easy to scan. Subtle decorative elements such as the curved corners and worn section edges finish everything off. It’s also nice to see the all-important reminder about why the recipient is receiving the email in the footer.

Finally and most importantly, the content is interesting and very relevant to their subscribers.

Designer:  Massive Interactive  |  See the complete design

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