Gallery: Gwarsh Brandmail

See the complete email designIt’s with a touch of nostalgia that we features this fantastic email design by Australian based Gwarsh. Just over 16 months ago another Gwarsh design was the second email we ever profiled in the gallery.

Our biggest piece of feedback then was that too much of the important text was image based (read why it shouldn’t be). The designer, Joel Wasserman, certainly took our advice on board for the latest version with a fantastic newsletter design promoting their portfolio and services.

The image-based text from the previous version is long gone leaving a great looking design that works with images on or off.

Designer:  Joel Wasserman  |  See the complete design

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Flash API sample

Please note: This sample is now out of date, and unfortunately we do not have any Flash sample code for the current API version.

If you're looking at creating a Campaign Monitor subscribe form for a client in Flash, we've just added a sample file to our API documentation that provides a simple walkthrough on the best approach to take.

The sample includes a simple subscribe form that passes through name, email address and requires a checkbox to be checked to indicate permission.

A huge thanks goes to Nick Lloyd from Stephen Thomas and Greg McMullen for putting this together for us.

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Gallery: Cultural Care Au Pair Announcement

See the complete email designToday we’re highlighting a great looking email announcement by Au Pair organization Cultural Care.

While the layout is quite simple, it’s the subtle decorative elements that we liked most. The link to the web-based version, unsubscribe message and the blue background frame the offer nicely.

Although it should probably be in text instead of an image, the main title (one week left to save $250) also adds a sense of urgency to the offer.

Designer:  Sean McGonagle  |  See the complete design

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Improved campaign scheduling

Screenshot of the scheduling screen

We've just made a few small updates that should keep you schedulers out there happy.

From today, as well showing the date, time and time-zone your scheduled campaigns will be sent we'll also be including how far away that actually is from right now. So instead of seeing something like 1.55pm on Friday, 25th August (Central Time), you'll also see about 4 days and 3 hours. This comes in especially handy for those scheduling multiple campaigns in multiple time zones.

On top of this, we'll also warn you when you try and schedule a campaign in the past. Previously we just assumed this was deliberate and sent the campaign immediately, now you'll get a confirmation message just to make sure.

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Making the most of your unsubscribes

Yesterday we highlighted some great tips for welcoming new subscribers to your list, so today we thought we’d look at the flipside. Stefan Pollard just put together some great suggestions for getting the most out of anyone leaving your subscriber list.

As you know, Campaign Monitor requires a single-click unsubscribe link to be included in every email you send. On top of this, we also let you set up a confirmation page to redirect the unsubscriber to, and this is where Stefan’s tips shine. He writes…

Instead of letting unsubscribers go with just a thank-you note, give them the opportunity to tell you why they’re leaving. You can use that information to sharpen the focus of your e-mail program, redo your template or send schedule, improve personalization, or find other ways to become more valuable to subscribers or customers.

We especially liked these 2 suggestions:

  1. Include a form giving that gives them an opportunity to let you know why they unsubscribed, such as no longer interested, was sent too frequently, etc.
  2. If you have other newsletters on different topics or sent less often, give them the opportunity to subscribe to them instead.

Out of any subscribers in your list, it’s the people who are leaving that can offer the best advice on what needs improving.

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Gallery: Stateline Adobe Users Group Newsletter

See the complete email designWe loved the look of this monthly email newsletter sent by the Stateline Adobe User Group.

The newsletter is loaded with useful content for their members, including product and book reviews, upcoming events and contents to win free software. We like the positioning and look and feel for the web version and unsubscribe links too. A nice touch.

The newsletter design is also very consistent with their existing site, which is especially important for any new subscribers receiving the email for the first time. Anything that can jog a recipient’s memory (such as the from name, the subject and the look and feel of the content) and remind them about giving you permission is a good thing.

Designer:  Zach Stepek  |  See the complete design

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