Gallery: Ma.gnolia Monthly

See the complete email designThis great looking and extremely simple newsletter design stood out from the pack recently. Sent for the popular social bookmarking application Ma.gnolia, it keeps their users in the loop on recent updates, featured groups, interesting tags and useful tips.

The simple layout is a refreshing change from the more layout/image intensive emails we see being sent each day and ensures CSS support and image blocking doesn’t impact on what their recipient’s see.

Even more importantly, the newsletter is very well written and loaded to the brim with useful content for their users to enjoy.

Designer:  William Lindmeier  |  See the complete design

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Look for the positives in your unhappy subscribers

As you know, Campaign Monitor is directly integrated into the feedback loop for a number of large ISP’s like AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Juno, Netzero and a few others. This means that when any of your subscribers at these ISP’s mark your campaign as junk, we automatically remove them from your list and give you a detailed report about who made the complaint and when.

Derek Harding recently put together an overview of how feedback loops actually work and there are two points we think he covered really well. The first is an explanation of why even the most well maintained lists can still see a few complaints.

It’s important to understand that though your list may be 100 percent opt-in, it may still receive a substantial number of complaints. For years, end users have been told not to trust email unsubscribe links, so many users hit the spam button as a way of unsubscribing.

While we do take action when a customer receives a significant number of spam complaints, we certainly realize that many of your recipients are just taking the easy way out or might not trust your unsubscribe link. Then there was this beauty.

Too many marketers dismiss complainants as troublemakers and malcontents. The reality is there’s a wealth of data in who complains and what they complain about. Regardless of whether you believe the complaints are unfounded, if they complained they were dissatisfied. Smart marketers aim to avoid dissatisfied customers (or prospective customers).

In my experience, the majority of complaints are caused by a failure to meet expectations. A common case is high complaint rates among new subscribers. This can be caused by subscribers not realizing what they signed up for, subscribers not getting what they thought they signed up for, or a long delay between sign-up and the first mailing.

Just like the recent tips on getting the most out of your unsubscribes, there’s plenty we can learn from those marking our legitimate emails as junk. If you’re receiving complaints for any of your campaigns, it might be time to review your subscribe process and make sure you’re meeting and exceeding the expectations of your subscribers.

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Gallery: Britton Creative Newsletter

See the complete email designToday we’re featuring another nice example of a simple monthly newsletter to keep your clients and subscribers in the loop.

Designed by Britton Creative, the newsletter highlights a few projects recently completed by the firm. The clean, simple layout makes it super easy for their recipients to read and the background image is a nice touch.

We also like the prominent placement of the Send This to a Colleague link in the top right corner to encourage current customers to spread the word and encourage new business.

Designer:  Gavin Nosler  |  See the complete design

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Gallery: Tonic Vision Newsletter

See the complete email designToday we’re showcasing a cool promotional email for the equally cool Tonic Vision, a London based moving image design firm.

The email does a nice job of promoting their various services and highlights a number of recent projects and successes. The large, text based header also does a great job of encouraging their recipients to read more and just as importantly, looks good with images on or off.

Designer:  Tonic  |  See the complete design

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E-commerce and email marketing, an interview

See the complete email designI recently did a short interview with Varien, an awesome Los Angeles based e-commerce developer and happy customer of ours. The interview was put together for their excellent blog on all things e-commerce, and focused on the role of email marketing for those selling online. If you're selling products over the web, there are a few bits in the interview worth checking out.
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Gallery: Remarkable Monthly Newsletter

See the complete email designWe loved the look and feel of this monthly newsletter sent for UK based PR and marketing firm Remarkable.

The email design is nice and consistent with their existing web site and the horizontal news layout at the bottom of the email does a great job of packing a lot into a small space.

Our only obvious complaint is the heavy us of images for title text, which we’ve more than covered before. Other than that, this is another great example of using email to keep in touch with your clients.

Designer:  Andy Bull  |  See the complete design

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