New API Kits for PHP, Perl and ASP developers

A big happy new year to everyone! Hopefully you bought the new year in with a bang and are sporting decent headaches like most of the Freshview team. To get the ball rolling on a big new year at our end, we've just pushed a range of new API kits live for those of you getting your hands dirty with the Campaign Monitor API, including:
  • 5 new PHP samples - including 2 using PHP4 and the NuSOAP libraries, 2 using the built in PHP5 SOAP classes and 1 illustrating how you can use a simple POST request to make a call to the API using the CURL libraries.
  • A simple ASP sample - just a basic POST of a SOAP envelope to the API, with the appropriate headers included. (unavailable for the current v3 API)
  • A Perl sample - using Perl's SOAP::Lite. A big thanks to Leon Breedt for sending us in this script.
These kits should provide a nice kick-start for integrating your Campaign Monitor account into your own applications. If you have any other development environments you'd like an API sample for, or have one of your own you'd like to contribute please let us know.
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Gallery: Aurora Christmas Collection

See the complete email design This gallery entry for Aurora Spa Retreat is all about focus and consistency. The layout is simple and clear, a single column design that would work well even without the images. We love the way the template is designed specifically for the products it is advertising - taking colors and patterns from the physical product and carrying them into the email.

Combined with prominent, consistent calls to action in the purchase buttons, this is a campaign that has been clearly thought through and targeted at a specific audience.

Designers: Jonathan Nicol and Monique de Jong |  See the complete design

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