How we custom-built a feedback tool to better record your feature suggestions

At Campaign Monitor, it’s incredibly important to us to record all of your feature suggestions and product ideas, however we started noticing that the process wasn’t as effective as it could have been. This is the story of how we custom-built a feedback tool to better capture your ideas and feature suggestions and in the process generated a 37.5% lift in the amount of feedback we record.

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6 steps to coding bulletproof email templates

What’s your workflow for transforming mock designs into rock-solid email newsletters? Here’s a look at the tools and workflow we used to bring the Canvas templates to life and looking good on both desktop and mobile email clients.

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How we’re working with Gmail’s Feedback Loop to make email safer for everyone

Many ISPs, including web-based email providers, collaborate with email senders like Campaign Monitor to prevent spam and abuse, as well as ensure that legitimate email reliably makes it into the inbox. Last year, we joined Gmail’s Feedback Loop (FBL), to help improve email deliverability for our customers - here are a few details on how we’ve contributed so far and what we’ve learned about their anti-spam efforts.

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Campaign Monitor partners with Insight Venture Partners

Today I’m excited to announce that for the first time in our ten year history, Campaign Monitor has raised its first round of funding. We’ve just taken a $250 million investment from Insight Venture Partners, one of the most experienced tech investors in the world to help make the next ten years even more amazing than the last.

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Designing effective notification emails

Early last year we released a highly requested new feature, subscriber notification emails. This feature gives users a run down of the new people who subscribed to their email subscriber lists. We faced quite a few interesting challenges during the design of this feature and also received some great feedback, so I thought I’d share some of our learnings and give you a behind the scenes look at the design process involved.

Subscriber Notification Emails

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Email Redesign Part 3: The results

In the third and final post on our Email Redesign series, we’ll be looking into our campaign results, following the launch of our redesigned November newsletter. You’ll also get to find out how to optimize your primary call to action, how the placement of social sharing links can impact their use, how to judge the performance of a redesign and what happens “beyond the send”.

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Email Redesign Part 2: Designing for mobile, bulletproof buttons and more

In the second installment of our Email Redesign series, we look at some of the techniques - both standout and subtle - that contributed towards the look, feel and ultimately, success of last month’s newsletter campaign. Find out how to add bulletproof buttons to your own campaign and a practical approach to using web fonts by joining in on our friendly Q&A with Stig and Tim from our team.

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Email Redesign Part 1: A distributed team’s workflow and the definition of done

In the first of a 3-part series on our recent email newsletter redesign, we look at how marketing, design and code all collaborated on the launch of our November campaign. Find out what our workflow across multiple timezones is like, what tools we used and perhaps most importantly, what “being done” means in the context of email.

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Designing iOS7 style icons

I recently took on the job of updating the iconography for our mobile app – which was starting to look a bit dated, especially in Apple's shiny new iOS7 UI. Luckily, I love icons... and since I know there's a few icon-geeks like me out there, I thought I'd share my process for this job and hopefully give some insight into why I thought they were a worthwhile consideration.

Some of the discarded icons
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Yoda, our support team’s most powerful ally

When Campaign Monitor was new and our support staff really put the “i” in “team” it was relatively easy to keep track of who knew what, and where the answers were. As the product grew it became much harder to understand everything up front, and that made every new team member slower to get started.

One of the tools we’ve developed to super charge our support is our internal knowledge base, Yoda. Find out how Yoda helps us get you the answers you need quickly and accurately.

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